Cercanías schedule in Estación del Norte

Short distance train services - Cercanías

Short distance trains are the most common and frequent in Valencia’s North station. You can easily identify these trains because they all have a C and a number indicating the line (C1, C2, etc..).

The C stands for Cercanías, which roughly translates to “nearby areas” in English. You can also find them being referred to as commuter trains in English.


These lines connect the city with the suburban areas and towns in the Valencia region. They generally stop at every town on the way, so they can be pretty slow. The (daily) available lines are

  • C1: Valencia - Gandía (a town about 65 km / 40 miles south of Valencia).
  • C2: Valencia - Xàtiva - Moixent (two towns southwest of Valencia, respectively 60 km / 37 miles and 86 km / 53 miles away).
  • C3: Valencia - Buñol - Utiel (two towns west of Valencia, respectively 40 km / 25 miles and 87 km / 54 miles away).
  • C5: Valencia - Caudiel (a town 70 km / 43 miles northwest of Valencia).
  • C6: Valencia - Castelló (a town about 80 km / 50 miles north of Valencia).
Cercanías train stationed at a platform in Estación del Norte in Valencia
Remember that some of the platforms, like the ones pictured here, are little further down into the station, and not immediately in front of the gates.


Renfe, the national railway system in Spain, has divided the Valencia region into six concentric zones, with the city of Valencia (and its neighbouring towns) in the middle, as Zone 1.

The ticket prices for Cercanías trains are thus organised accordingly, with the tickets that cover the nearest zones being the cheapest, and tickets that cover the most zones being more expensive.

Ticket price at the vending machine in Estación del Norte in Valencia
Vending machines are a quick way to get your ticket in Estación del Norte.

You can find more information on how to get your tickets in the pertaining section of this article.

Remember that Cercanías offers 10-trip tickets, student passes, and passes for the elderly. If you have a SUMA transport card, it will also be valid for the Cercanías network. For more information, you can check the * Cercanías Renfe *website .

Here is a breakdown of the single and return Cercanías tickets.

One-way ticket
Return ticket*
Zones 1 zone 2 zones 3 zones 4 zones 5 zones 6 zones
One-way ticket €1.80 €2.05 €2.65 €3.70 €4.35 €5.80
Return ticket* €3.60 €4.10 €5.30 €7.40 €8.70 €11.60

Remember that you have a maximum of two hours to start your journey after you purchase your ticket at the station’s office.

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Short distance train services - Cercanías