Shops at Estación del Norte in Valencia

Services inside the station

Being Valencia’s main train station, Estación del Norte is complete with the essential services and some shops.

Here you have a list of all the businesses you can find inside.

Essential Services
Restrooms (2theloo)
Customer Service/Station Info
Lost and Found
Tourism Hub
Shuttle bus to Joaquín Sorolla train station
Essential Services Money Food Shops Tickets Parking Accomodation & Leisure
Restrooms (2theloo) Italo Money Anar i tornar Natura Ticket booths Car Park UP! Hostel
Customer Service/Station Info ATMs Cafetería Croissantería Parfois Ticket Office Bike Park
Lost and Found Amazing Toko Parafarmacia
Tourism Hub Yummy yummy The Body Shop
Shuttle bus to Joaquín Sorolla train station Hiper Asia Ale-Hop
Vending machines Apustas del Estado (lottery)
Food truck Amazing Toko (supermarket)

Assistance and Care Services for passengers with reduced mobility are free and available on request at any time in Valencia’s North Station.

The majority of the businesses you can find in Estación del Norte are under the same management, meaning they all share the same timetable.

Opening Times
Day Monday - Sunday
Opening Times 7:00 am - 10:30 pm


There are restrooms on either side of the station building. On the west side, you’ll find them by the side entrance, next to the cafe. The bathrooms on the east side are just by platform 1.

Remember that you might need to pay €0.60 to use the bathrooms, so it’s important to have some cash on you. If you don’t have the exact amount don’t worry, outside the bathroom you will find a coin change machine.

Toilets at Estación del Norte in Valencia
Toilets are available on both sides of the station, just look out for the sign on the wall.

Money Exchange and ATMs

If you need cash (it’s always good to have some on you in Spain), you can find ATMs inside the station on the western end (the right-hand side if you have the platforms in front of you).

ATM at Estación del Norte in Valencia
You can find ATMs on the western side of the station.

If you need a change of currency, on the western side (in front of platform 6), you’ll find Italo Money, a money exchange office.

The timetable is as follows.

Opening Times
Day Monday - Saturday
Opening Times 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Food and drinks

If you need a quick snack or bite, cervecerias, bakeries, cafes and fast food options are all available inside the train station. You will find that some of these businesses, like the cerveceria are open past the general timetable, from 5:00 am to midnight.

Immediately outside the station, there usually are small food trucks or stands offering typical Valencian sweets, drinks, and snacks (horchata, churros, fartons, etc.).

Amazing Toko restaurant at Estación del Norte in Valencia
If you need a quick bite, you can find food options inside the station, like the Amazing Toko restaurant, pictured here.

Here is a list of the venues you can find inside and immediately the station.

Anar i tornar
De Pans
Cafetería Cervecería
Cafés Fast Food Food store
Anar i tornar Amazing Toko Yummy
De Pans Food Truck Vending machines
Cafetería Cervecería Hiper Asia

Our tips

If you want a more substantial meal, we suggest you leave the train station. Valencia’s Chinatown, west of the station, is filled with restaurants and fast food venues. There, you’re likely to find food anytime, as the businesses’ timetables are very flexible. If Chinese food is not your favourite, you can go towards the Old Town, just north of the station. There you’ll find many Spanish and other Mediterranean food options.


Inside Estación del Norte you’ll find plenty of shops to cover your needs. These include pharmaceutical products, clothes, toiletries, souvenirs and gifts, cosmetics, and technology.

Clothes store at Estación del Norte in Valencia
If you have some time to kill at the station, you can wander around the various shops available inside.

Here is a list of all the shops you can find inside the station.

Clothes Toiletries & Pharmacy Other
Natura Parafarmacia Ale-Hop (gifts)
Parfois The Body Shop Loterías (lottery)

Info Points

These are all the information points available to visitors inside and nearby the station. They can be useful if you need some guidance or you want to start buying tickets for some venues.

Customer Service at Estación del Norte in Valencia
If you loose something, need info about your ticket options or even just general guidance, you can head to the Station Info Point and Customer Service Office.

Station Info Point

The Station Info Point is where you need to go for any queries regarding the station or the trains.

It is located to the right of the entrance doors, in the lobby area of the station building. Behind the glass doors and windows, you’ll find two desks, one for ticket and train information, the other for customer service.

If you have complaints, issues, doubts, or questions about timetables, trains, or station facilities, the staff will be able to help you. This is also where the lost objects desk is.

Remember you cannot buy tickets here. For that, you need to go to the ticket offices or automated machines.

The timetable of this info point is as follows.

Opening Times
Day Monday - Sunday
Opening Times 7:00 am - 9:00 pm

Tourism Hub

The Tourism Hub in Estación del Norte offers regular tourism services, like info about the city, its sights, tickets, excursions, and bike rentals.

Leaving the train platforms behind you, you’ll find the Hub on your left, just outside the main door*.*

Tourist Information Office

Your other option is the Tourist Information Office in Joaquín Sorolla Railway Station (just behind Estación del Norte). This Tourist Information Office is one of the seven certified Red Tourist Info points in Valencia.

Aside from getting the regular tourist information (transport, sights, museums, accommodation, etc), here you’ll be able to purchase tickets for many venues or Valencia Tourist Cards.

Outside the Office itself, you’ll find a Digital Kiosk (an automated machine that is available 24/7) where you can also get a new Valencia Tourist Card or pick up the one you pre-ordered.

The Valencia Tourist Card gives you free transport and access to Municipal museums, as well as discounts on other tickets and venues. If you’d like to know more about this card, you can check out our article about the VTC.

The Tourist Information Office timetable is as follows.

Opening times
Day Monday - Friday Saturdays Sundays
Opening times 10:00 am - 6:00 pm 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Closed

This Tourist Information Office is closed on 1st January, 6th January, 25th December.


Inside Estación del Norte, towards the back of the building, you’ll find the UP! Hostel .

Hostel sign at Estación del Norte in Valencia
If you need accommodation close to the station, you’ll find a hostel attached to the station building itself.

The hostel is a good solution if you need a place to rest close to the station, for example in case you have a very early or very late train.

Car Park

There is a car park open 24/7 on the western side of the station. You can access it through Carrer de Bailèn.

Car park at Estación del Norte in Valencia
The car park on the western side of the station is open 24/7.

As with any central car parks, the prices might be higher than you would find in other quieter areas of the city, so we advise caution.

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