Inside view in Lonja de la Seda in Valencia
Lonja de la Seda

Virtual Tour

Here you can find a virtual tour of the Lonja. You’ll have a preview of the rooms that can be visited inside the building, as well as some information about their characteristics and style.

Virtual tour

Lonja de la Seda

  1. La Lonja de la Seda - Virtual Tour Full tour
  2. La Lonja de la Seda - Exteriors Exteriors
  3. La Lonja de la Seda - Patio de los Naranjos Patio de los Naranjos
  4. La Lonja de la Seda - Sala de Contratación Sala de Contratación
  5. La Lonja de la Seda - The Golden Hall The Golden Hall
  6. La Lonja de la Seda - Sala del Tribunal Sala del Tribunal
  7. La Lonja de la Seda - Basement Basement

Full tour

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You will enter the Lonja de la Seda from the back, immediately you will find yourself in the Patio de Los Naranjos, around which the building develops.

From here, through glass doors, you can enter the Sala de Contratación and see the palm-tree-forest-effect created by its columns.

From the side of the hall, you can access the next room, the ground floor of the Consolat del Mar with its wooden ceiling. Here, you’ll be able to sit down and watch a short video explaining the history of the building. From this room, you can go back to the Patio de los Naranjos and find your way down to the basement of the Consulate Pavilion.

Going up the stairs in the Patio, you’ll find the most astonishing part of the Consulate Pavillion, the Golden Chamber on the first floor. Here too, you can enjoy a video explaining the history of the building.


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The facade of the Lonja de la Seda overlooks the Market Square and is a landmark of the city.

The Gothic character of the building is immediately visible, thanks to the long decorated windows, the arched and detailed doorways and the stone-carved figures.

The upper floor features a gallery of arches and forty medallions that surround the entire perimeter. The medallions are carved in Renaissance style, representing busts of Roman illustrious figures and gods.

Patio de los Naranjos

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The inner courtyard, the Patio de los Naranjos, has a peaceful and relaxing appearance, with vegetation, orange trees, and lemon trees.

The architectural decoration consists of a fountain and stone-carved decorations on the doorways and walls around the garden.

Some of the recurring figures are centaurs, creatures, people playing musical instruments, coats of arms, mythical or legendary figures, combat scenes, dragons, and other kinds of monsters.

Sala de Contratación

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The Sala de Contratación is made to look like a palm-tree forest. The columns imitate tree trunks, and the ribbed vaults resemble the branches. Light enters through the decorated windows, and spectacular decoration and iconography richly decorate the hall.

We can find religious, natural, and even everyday motifs interlaced with one another in the numerous stone reliefs.

The Golden Hall

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The Golden Chamber is so called because of its gilded coffered ceiling. This ceiling is the true centrepiece of the room, both for the richness of the materials, and the detail in the carved decorations.

It is made up of 670 pieces representing various figures and scenes.

Some allude to the zodiac, combat, or nature, some others are grotesque, heraldic, or chimerical in nature. Others represent children’s games, musical performances and prophets.

Sala del Tribunal

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The ground floor of the Pabellón del Consulado is home to the Sala del Tribunal. It presents a beautifully carved wooden ceiling and doors.

Around the room, you’ll also find many of the recurring elements and decorations present in other parts of the building, including the stone reliefs and religious depictions.


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The basement, which is also part of the Consulate Pavillion, is illuminated by a small window. It consists of two rooms separated by a wall and connected through a door.

The small room is referred to as the cellar.

The larger room is supported by octagonal pillars and topped by a low vault roof. You will notice it features a stone bench that runs along the walls.

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