Information sign at Estación del Norte
Estación del Norte

Useful tips for your visit

Here are our recommendations and tips to make sure that you make the most of your experience and you don’t miss out on anything Valencia’s North Station has to offer.

  • There are restrooms available in the station. As you go into the station, past the hall, you will find them on the right and left sides of the platforms. Keep in mind that generally you have to pay to go in (normally €0.60), so remember to have some cash on you.
  • Being Valencia’s main train station, Estación del Norte is almost always busy. The busiest times are generally in the middle of the day, from around noon until 6:00 pm.
  • If you go at a particularly busy time, we recommend you keep an eye on your belongings. If you want something to snack on or drink, there are several bars and cafes in the station. If you want to know exactly which ones, you can check the Services section.
  • In the winter or during the Fallas festival, you’ll also find churros and hot chocolate trucks parked in the courtyard in front of the station and around it. If you want a proper meal, we suggest you leave the station. You’ll find plenty of food options in the nearby area, either going towards Plaza del Ayuntamiento (a more touristy area) or to the side of the station, in Chinatown.
  • In the summer months, you might find Valencia particularly hot. You might be surprised that many places, including the train station, might not always have the air conditioning on. So be warned, have water and maybe a little hand fan (abanico, in Spanish) with you.
Churros stand in front of Estación del Norte during Fallas in Valencia
In the courtyard in front of the station, you will often find food stands like this one, usually selling typical treats like churros with hot chocolate.

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