Hostel sign at Estación del Norte

Services inside the station

Being Valencia’s main train station, Estación del Norte is complete with the essential services, shops, and food venues.

Here you have a list of all the businesses you can find inside.

Essential Services
Restrooms (2theloo)
Customer Service/Station Info
Lost and Found
Tourism Hub
Shuttle bus to Joaquín Sorolla train station
Essential Services Money Food Shops Tickets Parking Accomodation & Leisure
Restrooms (2theloo) Italo Money Anar i tornar Natura Ticket booths Car Park UP! Hostel
Customer Service/Station Info ATMs Cafetería Croissantería Parfois Ticket Office Bike Park
Lost and Found Amazing Toko Parafarmacia
Tourism Hub Yummy yummy The Body Shop
Shuttle bus to Joaquín Sorolla train station Hiper Asia Ale-Hop
Vending machines Apustas del Estado (lottery)
Food truck Amazing Toko (supermarket)

If you’d like to know more about them, you can check the services section in our article about the North Station and transport.

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