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Here you can find a virtual tour of the North Station. You’ll have a preview of the inside of the building, as well as information about its characteristics and the parts that can be visited.

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Estación del Norte

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Full Tour

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Entering Estación del Norte from Carrer de Xàtiva, you’ll have to cross the front yard, from where you can see the ornate façade. Once inside, you’ll immediately find yourself in the entrance hall.

On the left, is a small asian fast-food chain. In front of you are the ticket offices. To your right (along the wall opposite the ticket offices) are the automatic machines.

At the other end of the main hall, to the right side of the station, is the Mosaic Room.

Leaving the main hall, you can go towards the platforms. There, you’ll find a large open space that often hosts sculptural exhibits.

All along the sides of the station (left and right) are the various shops and services.

Some of the platforms are found further down the side of the station.


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Standing in the courtyard, you can admire the exterior structure of the station, its amalgamation of architecture and decoration, especially sculpture and mosaics.

The façade, mostly beige and green, is richly decorated with details, garlands and coats of arms, all representing one Valencian element or the other.

The ceramic panels, the floral garlands, oranges, and vegetation, all represent the Valencian Huerta. On some columns, you’ll find a Valencian coat of arms. At the top of the central body, you’ll see the eagle, which represents the Compañía del Norte (who commissioned the building of the station).

Ticket Office

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In the main hall you can find the retro ticket offices, with dark wooden panels. Small, colonial-style faux windows (that are actually mosaics) decorate the space between one desk and the other.

Above your head, between the exposed wood beams of the flat ceiling is a beautiful white trencadís decoration, with floral decorations on each end.

The trencadís mosaics are also present on some walls, in a lilac hue.

The windows to the exterior have floral-themed stained glasses.


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On the side of the platforms, iron is the main element.

The shops, services, and offices run almost the entire length of the station, to the sides of the platforms.

The canopy that covers the platforms is in the shape of a barrel vault, and it lets light in through its middle section and sides.

Sala de Mosaicos

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In the Sala de Mosaicos, the entire ceileing and walls (except for the lower portion, occupied by wooden wainscoting) are covered in decorated ceramic tiles, panels, and trencadís.

The panels represent the typical Valencian Huerta, with its farm vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Palm trees can be seen behind the typical fishermen’s houses, and you’ll even see a Fallera, a Valencian woman dressed in a typical local dress.

The ceiling is decorated with typically Art Nouveau geometric and soft shapes.

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