Mercado Central Valencia outside view
The Central Market

What’s inside (virtual tour)

Inside the Mercat you will find hundreds of stalls, some bigger and some smaller, all neatly arranged next to one another. The booths are sorted according to the kind of foods they sell.

As you come in, the first section you’ll see will be food and tapas stalls. Going forward, to the left you’ll have wines, beers, and other alcoholic drinks, as well as typical Spanish market products. In the centre of the Market, you’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables, spices and some Latin-American products.

Towards the second half of the structure, you’ll have sweet treats and cheeses. At the very back, you’ll see Spanish charcuterie products. For the meat products, you’ll have to go to the right side of the main building. Beyond that, in the northernmost section, you’ll find all the fresh fish and seafood.