The ceiling of the Mercado Central in Valencia
The Central Market

Virtual tour

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Here you can find a virtual tour of Valencia’s Mercado Central. You’ll have a preview of this Art Nouveau building and what’s inside it.

Virtual tour

The Central Market

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  2. Mercado Central de Valencia - Interior Interior
  3. Mercado Central de Valencia - Exterior Exterior

Virtual Tour

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Inside the Mercat you will find hundreds of stalls, some bigger and some smaller, all neatly arranged next to one another. The booths are sorted according to the kind of foods they sell. On the ceiling, you can find illustrations to help you understand what products are sold in which areas.

For example, there are areas dedicated to ready-to-eat food and tapas, other areas are for wines, beers, and spirits. Other parts still have fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, meat or fish.


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Once inside, let your eyes wander around and take everything in. The colours, the light coming in from the glass windows, the fresh produce, and of course the stunning architecture.

Don’t forget to admire the produce-themed decorations, the beautiful arches, and the elegant domes.


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From the outside of the Market, you can admire a typically Modernist combination of materials and shapes.

You’ll see the metal shutters along with the delicate stained glass, the beautifully decorated stone and wrought iron details, and the bricks next to the tastefully painted ceramics.

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