People enjoying coffee at Ubik Cafe in Ruzafa, Valencia


As mentioned before, cafés are a highlight of the neighbourhood. Whether you want to indulge your sweet tooth or try out a culturally-inclined café, Ruzafa has it. You’ll find anything from American-style bakeries to mismatched-furniture bohemian cafes, to bookstore cafés.

La Más Bonita

Also called La Més Bonica (in Valencian), this is an open-kitchen café, known for its mouth-watering breakfasts and brunches, enormous cake slices, and vegan menu options.

La Más Bonita, Ruzafa - Valencia
In La Más Bonita you can see the inside of the kitchen where the delicious cakes are made.

You can find it on Carrer de Cadis, just a couple streets down from Russafa Market (view map above).


This is possibly Ruzafa’s most famous café. It is part of the barrio’s Bohemian scene and is very active in its event hosting. However, its defining characteristic is the books that occupy its walls, shelves, tables, and chairs: it is a bookstore meet café meet cervecería.

Ubik Cafe interiors, Ruzafa - Valencia
Ubik Café is covered wall to wall in books, which you can sit down and read as you’re having a drink.

You’ll find this gem on Carrer del Literat Azorín, close to one of Ruzafa’s cutest corners (view map above).

Jardín Urbano

This one is an eccentric plant café. The venue, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, offers a vast vegan menu. Inside, old books, oil paintings, and outgrown plants make the environment cosy and relaxing.

Jardín Urbano in Ruzafa, Valencia
If you’re a plant lover, you’ll probably appreciate Jardín Urbano.

It is located a bit further away from the majority of the bars and cafés in Ruzafa, on Carrer de Pere III el Gran (view map above).

Dulce de Leche Boutique

Dulce de Leche is a homemade patisserie café. This is the place to go for specialty coffee, decadent cakes and pastries, and a modern-boho atmosphere.

Dulce de Leche Boutique in Ruzafa, Valencia
Dulce de Leche Boutique is a hipster patisserie that offers dozens of different pastries every day.

This one is on Carrer del Pintor Gisbert (view map above), but you can find many other Dulche de Leche cafés all over Valencia’s city centre.

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