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Markets and galleries

Some of the main attractions in the neighbourhood are its markets, art galleries, and art workshops. They are colourful, bohemian, alternative, and hip; in other words, Ruzafa’s essence.


If you’ve heard about Ruzafa, then you must have heard about Russafa’s Market, a source of local pride offering all kinds of fresh products at a great price. But the neighbourhood also has a weekly street market and locally-organised flea market.

Russafa Market

A descendant of the daily market that stood at the foot of the parish, the Mercado de Russafa is a staple of the neighbourhood, the second largest market in Valencia. The current building, initially designed in 1957, is made of concrete in Brutalist style. The paint that gives the blinds their recognisable colour gradient was later added in the 2000s.

Mercado Ruzafa in Valencia
Ruzafa Market is one of the most well-known markets in Valencia.

Behind the colourful blinds of the building is a wide selection of locally sourced produce, with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and speciality products. The market distinctly caters to locals and is thus more authentic than other upscale markets in the city.

Ruzafa Market in Valencia
While the architechture of the Ruzafa Market is not as astounding as others in the city, the quality and diversity of the products offered inside really justifies a trip to this market.

The market is in the heart of Ruzafa, just across the street from San Valero Church. You can access it from Plaza del Baró de Cortés (view map above).

If you’d like to read more about this market, you can check our article on it.

Street market

In Valencia, street markets are installed every morning in a different neighbourhood, offering their products at very good prices. Normally, these street markets are open from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm (3:00 pm if it’s a Holiday Eve).

In Ruzafa, you can enjoy these temporary stalls every Monday in the following streets: Calle Barón de Cortes, Calle Padre Perera, Calle Dr. Serrano, Calle Carlos Cervera, Carrer de Mossèn Femenia, Carrer Dels Tomassos, Calle de Sevilla, and Calle Dénia (view map).

Street market in Valencia
Street markets in Valencia are assigned to a different area every day. In Ruzafa, you can find the market on Mondays.

Keep in mind that this is not a flea market, but rather a travelling market. It is organised by the community to help small entrepreneurs and businesses trade directly with the clients. Because of this, generally prices are quite low and you can even bargain.

Flea Market

Il Market, run by the cultural association Il Quartiere, is Valencia’s flea market. Sometimes held in a sunny courtyard known as El Patio or other times in Carrer del Cap Jubi 4, this pop-up market gives locals a chance to sell, exchange, and buy second-hand items.

Flea Market in Ruzafa, Valencia
Flea markets are great if you prefer buying second-hand or even exchanging your clothes.

The flea market also hosts upcycling workshops, small concerts, poetry readings, and talks on social issues. Il Market is usually held on Sundays, but not every week, so if you’re interested we suggest you keep an eye on Il Quartiere’s website or social media pages.

Art Galleries and workshops

Nothing says Rusafa quite like independent art galleries and small art workshops. The neighbourhood offers a diversified selection of spaces, and here are some of them.

Color Elefante

Color Elefante is an art workshop and open space for artists to display their work, as well as for jazz musicians to perform on weekends.

Color Elefante in Ruzafa, Valencia
In Ruzafa you can find lots of open spaces for artists, including Color Elefante, pictured here.

The venue is super close to San Valero Church, on Carrer de Sevilla.

Mia Morena Art

This one is an upcycled art gallery. The artist takes old objects or parts of them and upcycles them into art pieces.

Mia Morena Art in Ruzafa, Valencia
The Mia Morena Art Gallery displays upcycled objects transformed into art pieces.

You can find this gallery at the corner between Carrer de Sueca and Carrer de Dénia (view map above).

Trentatres is a gallery café, where you can enjoy good food and coffee alongside whichever art exhibit is showing for the day.

Trentatres Gallery in Ruzafa, Valencia
Trentatres is both an art galley and a café.

Like Mia Morena Art, Trentatres is also on Carrer de Sueca. In fact, they are at either corner of the same block (view map above).

The Sporting Club Valencia

The Sporting Club is a coworking space for almost a dozen artists and various art forms, including sculpture, painting, performance and scenic arts, architecture, and photography. At the gallery, you can enjoy all the different kinds of exhibitions as well as buy directly from the resident artists.

Sporting Club Ruzafa, Valencia
The Sporting Club is another artist coworking space in the neighbourhood.

This coworking space is on Carrer de Sevilla (the same street as Color Elefante, just a few numbers up). It is very close to Gran Via de les Germanies, one of the largest avenues in Valencia (view map above).

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