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Nightlife and drinks

You can’t really say you visited Ruzafa if you haven’t experienced the bustling nightlife and the eclectic bars.


There are so many places to choose from that naming them all would be impossible, so we suggest you walk around and make up your own pub crawl. You can’t go wrong if you move between Calle Cadiz, Calle Sueca, Calle Cuba, and Carrer del Literat Azorín.

A few honourable mentions go to Café Berlin, La Bella de Cádiz, and Olhöps Craft Beer House. The first two are probably the most well-known cocktail bars in the area, both on Calle Cádiz. The latter, a craft beer pub, has two locations, one on Calle Sueca, and the other on Calle Carlos Cervera.

Café Berlin is all defined by its retro taste and mismatched furniture, in what can only be described as a very Berlin vibe.

La Bella de Cádiz is a Mad Hatter fever dream, a maximalist explosion of colours, fabrics, and delicious, fruity cocktails.

Olhöps, on the other hand, offers an industrial-minimalist vibe, and, as the name suggests, it is the place to go for craft beers on tap.


Once again, Ruzafa is too full of clubs to even attempt naming all of them. What we can do, instead, is give you some of the most well-known names among Valencia’s party animals.

None of the venues in this section are outright gay clubs, but at Piccadilly Downtown Club (on Carrer dels Tomasos), you can enjoy a mixed crowd. The LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere comes with 90s hits, rock, pop, and indie music, as well as a silent disco.

Other options if you’re into indie, pop, and rock, you can start your evening at Flash (on Carrer de Sueca) and later move on to the Play Club (on Carrer de Cuba). In this second club you’ll also find a room for electronic music lovers.

If you like Electronic, Techno, and House music, your best choices are venues like Oven Club (on Gran Via de les Germanies), the avant-garde Látex Club (on Carrer de Carles Cervera), or Electropura (on Carrer del Pintor Salvador Abril), with its dream-like, trippy architecture.

Lastly, you can try out the Xtra Lrge XL Playground (simply known as XL), on Gran Via de les Germanies. The club, with its three rooms, is able to offer its patrons everything from electropop music, pop hits, urban sounds, latin music, and a space dedicated to cultural events.

If your genre is more towards latin hits and Reggaeton, you will find the perfect club on Carrer de Mossèn Femenia, Barberbirborbur Club.

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Nightlife and drinks