Valencia Tourist Card digital kiosk

How to get a Valencia Tourist Card

There are many ways of getting a Valencia Tourist Card. You can buy one directly from a Valencia Tourist Office with an attendant, get it at a digital kiosk (an automated machine), or online through the official Visit Valencia website .

Tourist offices

There are five tourist offices all around Valencia.

In the city centre, there are two: one in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1 bajo, 46002 ( view map ), the other one in Calle de la Paz 48, 46003 ( view map ).

There is another one by the beach in Calle José Ballester Gozalvo s/n, 46011 ( view map ) – next to Hotel Las Arenas.

There is also one at the Joaquin Sorolla train station (behind the Nord Station), Calle San Vicente 171, 46007 ( view map ).

And finally, one at the airport at the Arrivals Hall ( view map ).

Valencia Tourist Office in Plaza del Ayuntamiento
You can buy a Valencia Tourist Card from a Tourist Office like this one, in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

All offices are accessible for people with reduced mobility. They are equipped with accessible service counters, headsets for the hearing impaired, and assistance for people with reduced mobility and general disabilities. Opening times and closing days can differ from one office to the other, therefore we recommend checking each on the Visit Valencia website .

Digital kiosks

There are also four digital kiosks (automated machines) that offer 24-hour service. Two of them are at the airport, respectively in front of the car rental stands and next to the tourist office. One is at the train station (also next to the tourist office), and the other one is in the city hall (by the tourist info office in Plaza del Ayuntamiento).

Valencia Tourist Card digital kiosk
At digital kiosks like these you can pick up your pre-ordered Valencia Tourist Card or get a new one altogether.


This is the option we recommend the most, as it implies some discounts. If you decide to purchase your card online, you will still need to pick up your physical card, as this is not an electronic card. You can do so in one of four ways.

  • You can pick up your card at any Valencia tourist office (mentioned above). Opening times and closing days can differ from one office to the other, therefore we recommend checking out each on the Visit Valencia website .
  • You can also pick up your card at a digital kiosk (mentioned above). These automated machines are available and functioning 24 hours. In order to get your card, you will have to enter the order number and email address with which you made the purchase. Remember that these kiosks work only if you made your purchase through the official Visit Valencia website .
  • Another option is to get your card delivered to your house directly. This means that you will have to purchase your ticket way ahead in order to allow for delivery time. For Spain, this will be between 3 and 5 working days. For countries in the EU, between 10 and 15 working days. For the rest of the world, a maximum of 20 days. The delivery cost must be paid by the buyer and is calculated automatically at check-out. This will range between €6 to €15. You can check the status of your order by emailing customer service at [email protected] .
  • Lastly, your final option is hotel delivery. At the time of purchase, you will indicate the date on which you want the card to be delivered to the hotel. The delivery will be carried out between 10:00 am and 11:00 am, and it will cost €3.40. To ensure this service, it is not allowed to select a delivery date with less than 24 hours’ notice.

After your card has expired, you can return it to a tourist office to be recycled. There is no cashback for this service, but you do get to do something good for the environment.

If, after your time limit has expired, you want to get another card instead, you can recharge it in person and get a 10% discount. This is the same amount you get online the first time you buy a VTC. To get this 10% off, you will have to go to a tourist office and recharge your card with exactly the same type of VTC offer.

To find out how to activate your card, as well as a detailed breakdown of the discounts, you can go to the next section.

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How to get a Valencia Tourist Card