Valencia Tourist Card used in Metro

How to use the Valencia Tourist Card

After you have received your physical Valencia Tourist Card, your hours of use will not start until you have activated it. That is to say, until you use your VTC to get a discount, free entry, or transport, your card will not be considered active. Every time you use it, you will need to tap it on a reader of some kind.

On public transport

For example, to be able to use the VTC on public transport, you will only need to tap it as a normal transport ticket. For buses, this means that once you get on, you will have a reader (generally behind the driver and by the rear door) that you can tap your card on. Once the audio signal has beeped, your card has been read.

  • Machine to validate tickets for trams in Valencia
    At tram stops and above-ground metro stations, you’ll find access control machines like these. To validate your journey and your card, you can tap your VTC on the red circle.
  • Gates at Valencia´s metro station
    To open the swinging barriers and access the metro platforms, you need to tap your VTC on the red circle. You’ll need to do the same to exit the metro.
  • Machine to validate tickets in busses - EMT Valencia
    For bus journeys, you’ll also need to validate your VTC by tapping it on the red circle on one of the machines on board.

On the metro, before you access the platforms, you will have gates that automatically open once you have tapped your card. Remember that you need to tap on your way out too. This will not be valid for the 7-day VTC, of course. Keep in mind that urban transport in Valencia is always free for children of ages 0 to 5 by bus, and 0 to 9 by metro.

At monuments and other sights

To get your free entry or discount at other tourist sites, you can get your tickets online in advance (see details below), at any moment at a tourist office, or directly at the individual venues. For the last two options, simply show your Valencia Tourist Card to the attendant, and they will apply any discount you are entitled to by tapping your card on their reader. Children also have free or reduced rates in tourist assets.

Valencia Tourist Card and Catedral de Valencia
When you want to claim your Valencia Tourist Card discount, simply show it to the attendant and they will scan it for you.

VTC discounts apply on top of these reduced rates. Also, we would like to remind you that municipal museums and monuments in Valencia are always free on Sundays, even if you do not have a discount card. Therefore, we do not recommend activating or using your VTC on a Sunday.

Tickets for other venues and activities

When getting the Valencia Tourist Card online (from the official website ), you can also get tickets for other venues or activities in advance. Unlike the Valencia Tourist Card itself, which you will have as a physical card, you will be sent these as e-tickets. You can get one ticket of every kind for every VTC purchased. This means that you cannot get, for example, two museum tickets with one VTC.

Of course, you will enjoy VTC discounts if they apply to the venue or activity that you chose. However, to get your discount you need to buy the e-ticket at the same time as the VTC. That is to say, you will have to add your tickets to the same shopping cart and check out (pay) for everything together. If you get these tickets online after you have already purchased your VTC, you will not get the VTC discount.

If you do not intend to meticulously plan your trip in detail ahead of time, we would not recommend you get your tickets online this way. It is much easier, instead, to get your discount or free entrance in person at each venue or tourist office, presenting your Valencia Tourist Card.

Bike tour in Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
The City of Arts and Sciences is a popular stop for many bike tours. Some of them offer discounts for Valencia Tourist Card owners.

For some organized activities or tours (cruises, for instance), you might need to book in advance. If you are really interested in some of them, we recommend you check your discount guide and find the operating entity. When you call them, they will tell you whether you need to book in advance or if you can just show up at any time. This way you’ll make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

At restaurants

At a restaurant, you will need to show your card to the host or server, and they will apply whichever discount you are entitled to. Remember that some restaurants might have dedicated time slots in which you can get your discount. To be sure, you can check on the discount guide .

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How to use the Valencia Tourist Card