Valencia Tourist Card used in a restaurant
Valencia Tourist Card

What’s included and where can you use it?

With any Valencia Tourist Card (up to 72 hours) you purchase, whether it is for a child or an adult, you get the following.

  • Free public transport across metro and trams (zones A-B-C), urban EMT buses (Zone A). This includes buses 24 and 25 to Albufera and its natural park, surrounded by rice fields. MetroBus (yellow buses, including bus 150 to and from the airport) and Renfe Cercanias (railway trains) are not included. If you want to know more about zones and available options, you can check our article about public transport in Valencia.
  • Free entry to municipal museums and monuments. You will find the complete list down below.
  • 50% discount at the Ceramics and Arts Museum, as well as the Bullfighting Museum.
  • Discounts of up to 35% at other tourist sites, activities, shops, and restaurants. You can find the detailed and complete list down below.
Valencia Tourist Card options for public transport
With a Valencia Tourist Card for single users or groups, you get free metro rides across all transport zones.

Of course, when the 7-day Valencia Tourist Card becomes available, it will not include any public transport. Instead, you will have free access to the Cathedral and its museum, complete with an audio guide. With all other types of VTC, you get a 10% discount on the Cathedral and annex museum.

Attractions and monuments with free entrance

  • Lonja de la Seda. This Unesco Monument used to be Valencia’s ancient silk exchange.
  • Museo de Historia de Valencia. It is Valencia’s history museum.
  • Museo Fallero. It is a museum dedicated to Valencia’s famous Fallas Festival.
  • Torres de Serranos and Torres de Quart. These used to be the old city gates, and if you go up top, you will enjoy spectacular bird’s eye views of Valencia.
  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales. This is the museum of natural sciences.
  • Museo de la Ciudad. The city museum.
  • L’Almoina. It is Valencia’s archaeology museum.
  • Museo Historico Municipal. This is the Municipal Museum.
  • Reales Atarazanas. The Royal Shipyards, this building houses the maritime museum and temporary exhibitions.
  • Museo del Arroz. This is the city’s rice museum.
  • Almudin Museum. Commercial warehouse built on the site of a Muslim castle.
  • Galleria del Tossal. An open gallery for cultural heritage exhibitions. Also shows the remains of the Islamic city walls.
  • Palacio de Cervello. The palace used to be a royal and noble residence in the 19th century.
  • Cripta Arqueologica de la Carcel de San Vicente Martir. Prison of San Vicente Archaeological Crypt. Contains artefacts related to Valencia’s Visigoth, Muslim, and Roman past.
  • Casa Museo Concha Piquer. This is singer-actress Concha Piquer’s House Museum.
  • Casa Museo Blasco Ibanez. This is writer Vicente Blasco-Ibáñez’ House Museum.
  • Casa Museo Jose Benlliure. This is painter Jose Benlliure’s House Museum.

Keep in mind that municipal museums and monuments in Valencia are always free on Sundays, even if you do not have a discount card. Therefore, we recommend you plan on using your VTC on any other day except Sundays. To get your free entrance, you can simply go to your venue of interest and present your VTC.

Attractions where you’ll get a discount

  • 50% discount at the Ceramics and Arts Museum.
  • 50% off Museo Taurino, Valencia’s Bullfighting ring, and museum.
  • 15% off Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe. Located in the City of Arts and Sciences.
  • 15% off Oceanogràfic, Valencia’s Aquarium.
  • 15% off Hemisfèric, Valencia’s IMAX Cinema.
  • 15% off Bioparc, Valencia’s Zoo.
  • 10% off Valencia Cathedral and its museum.
  • 10% off Jardín Botánico, Valencia Botanical Gardens.
  • 10% off Museo Muma. This is a museum dedicated to the Patron Saint of Valencia, inside the Royal Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados (the Virgin of the Forsaken).
  • 10% off Museo del Gremio de Artistas Falleros. An exhibition of figures that, for their artistic value, have been saved from the traditional cremà of 19 March, the night in which all the fallas (ninot figures created for the festival) burn.
  • 10 % Ceramic Museum and workshop.

To get your discounted tickets for any of these attractions, you can go to a tourist office or directly at the venue of interest, presenting your Valencia Tourist Card.

Tours where you’ll get a discount

  • 35% off Valencia Silk Tour.
  • 25% off tourist guide.
  • 15% off 4-hour Valencia Family Tour
  • 15% off City of Arts and Sciences tour.
  • 15% off Palaces of Valencia tour.
  • 15% off “Mysteries and legends under the Valencian moon” tour.
  • 15% off “Essentials of Valencia and its World Heritage Sites” tour.
  • 15% off “The Valencia of the Borgias” tour.
  • 15% off Street Art tour.
  • 15% off modernist Valencia
  • 15% off historic centre Walking Tour.
  • 15% off sculpture walk tour.
  • 15% off Guided Cabanyal walking tour.
  • 15% off “Cabanyal al fresco ” evening guided tour.
  • 15% off “Shadow, Silence and Mystery in the streets of Valencia, following in the footsteps of the inquisition” tour.
  • 15% off Cathedral and San Nicolas church tour.
  • 15% off Guided walking tour of Modernist Valencia.
  • 15% off Turia Garden and its bridges tour.
  • 15% off “The essence of the historical centre” tour.
  • 15% off city centre daily walking tour.
  • 15% off Utiel-Raquena winery tour.
  • 15% off Valencian wine and tapas tour.
  • 15% off Valencian ceramics tour.
  • 15% off “Modernist Valencia through the Turia river” bike tour.
  • 15% off “From the past to the future” bike tour.
  • 15% off “Valencia and the films of Berlanga” tour.
  • 10% off Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía guided tour.
  • 10% off Mestalla Forever Tour (Valencia Football Club).
  • 10% off other bike tours.
  • 10% off paella workshops
  • 10% off Albufera Experience (jeep and boat trip).
  • € 2.00 off Valencia Tourist Bus (hop-on, hop-off). For children € 1.00 off.

Some of these activities (like cruises) may require advance booking in order to guarantee the service. If you are particularly interested in any activity or tour from this list, we recommend you check your discount guide and find the organising entity. This way you can get in touch with them and they will then let you know if you need to book in advance or if you can just show up at any time. In some cases, you might be able to book online at the same time you are getting your VTC. For more information, check our section on how to use the Valencia Tourist Card.

Nautical activities where you’ll get a discount

  • 10% off stand-up paddle surf yoga class.
  • 10% off windsurf masterclass.
  • 10% off surf-paddle surf initiation class.
  • 10% off sunset sailing excursion from Malvarrosa Beach.
  • 10% off swimming excursion.
  • 10% off watercraft rental.
  • 10% off sailing excursion.
  • 10% off “One day at sea” excursion.
  • 10% off “Cruise with lunch” excursion.
  • 10% off Tourist Catamaran excursion.
  • 10% off private sailing board excursion.

Some activities may require advance booking in order to guarantee the service. We recommend that you get in touch with any organising entity if you are particularly interested in any of their services.

Restaurants and bars where you’ll get a discount

  • Free tapa and beer* at Navellos Restaurant.
  • Free tapa and beer* at La Cigrona.
  • Free tapa and beer* at Mantequerias Vicente Ferrero.
  • Free tapa and beer* at Salazonarte.
  • Free tapa and beer* at Charcuteria Amparo.
  • Free tapa and wine* at El Corte Ingles cafeteria.
  • 20% off El Camarote & the Roof restaurant.
  • 15% off Cafe de las Horas.
  • 10% off Olhops craft brewery.
  • 10% off Ubik Cafe.
  • 10% off Nereidas, Olympia Hotel restaurant.
  • 10% off Cerveceria Navellos.
  • 10% off La Cigrona restaurant.
  • 10% off Arnadi (Hotel Eurostars Gran Valencia restaurant).
  • 10% off Casa Isabel restaurant.
  • 10% off Fresco al Mar restaurant.
  • 10% off Lienzo restaurant.
  • 10% off Leixuri restaurant.
  • 10% off Hard Rock Cafe restaurant.
  • 10% off La Ferrera restaurant.
  • 10% off Nou Gourmet restaurant.
  • 10% off Restaurante Hemisferic.
  • 10% off Restaurante Museu de les Ciencies.
  • 10% off Restaurante Oceanos.
  • 5% off El Dossel (Hotel Sorolla Palace restaurant).
  • Special discount at Mon Orxata natural craft horchata.

*You are entitled to a total of one free tapas and beer, and one free tapa and wine. You can choose one for each offer among any of these specified venues. Remember there are two Corte Ingles locations where you can have your free tapa and wine. You can also check on the online discount guide.

Some restaurants might have a selected time slot in which you can get your discount. You can check your discount guide for this purpose.

Other SPAs and shops where you can get a discount

  • 15% off Rafael Torres Jewelry.
  • 10% off Abanicos Vibenca (hand-painted fans shop and workshop).
  • 10% off Blackcape Moda Hombre (men’s clothing shop).
  • 10% off El Vestidor Vintage.
  • 10% off Miralindo (clothing shop).
  • 10% off La Botiga de l’Artesania (Valencian Craft shop).
  • 10% off Sombreros Albero (headwear).
  • 10% off Megastore VFC (Valencia football club store).
  • 10% off Templo del futbol Mestalla (Valencia football club store).
  • 10% off Tienda Hemisferic (souvenir shop).
  • 10% off Tienda del Museu de les Ciencies Princep Felipe (souvenir shop).
  • 10% off Tiendas de Oceanografic (souvenir shop).
  • 10% off Vicente Gracia jewelry.
  • 10% off Poppyns (store and coffee shop).
  • 10% off Salazonarte (salted fish sale).
  • 10% off Mantequerias Vicente Ferrero (gourmet store).
  • 10% off Spa Balneario las Arenas Hotel.
  • 10% off Spa Olympia Hotel.
  • 10% off Spa Parador El Saler.
  • 5% off Espai Seda (silk craft).
  • 5% off Hard Rock Cafe (souvenir shop).
  • 5% off Hannover 1998 (men’s clothing).
  • 5% off Original CV (typical Valencian products).
  • €3.00 off Spa Primus Hotel.
  • Additional gift with purchase at Boutique Museo Lladro.
  • Additional gift with purchase at Tienda Lladro (porcelain works).

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What’s included and where can you use it?