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How to get around in Valencia

Public buses

Public city buses in Valencia are excellent, they cover all areas of the city and the service is frequent. These buses, also known as EMT buses (the red ones), are running at all times, with 46 day-time lines and 10 night lines.

Bus EMT Valencia
EMT buses, which dwell mostly in the city centre, are easily recognisable because of their red colour.

There are also buses dedicated to the surrounding suburban and peripheral areas. These other buses (the yellow ones) are operated by another entity, MetroBus, and include lines 102 to 320.

During your stay, you will probably stay in the city centre, so you are unlikely to take non-EMT buses, except perhaps for your trip to and from the airport (MetroBus line 150).

One of the advantages that buses have in Valencia is the number of lines and areas covered. Especially in the historical centre, where you will most likely spend a lot of your time, there are many more bus stops than metro stops.

Taking the bus also allows you to see the city as you go, hopping on and off to your liking. Traffic congestion can sometimes slow down the service, but it is not as bad as other bigger cities in Spain.

Metrobus Valencia line 150 connecting the airport with the city centre
MetroBus buses, which usually connect areas outside the city centre, are all painted bright yellow. They also tend to be smaller than EMT buses (the red ones).

As for accessibility, buses in Valencia have two wheelchair spaces, and automatic or manual ramps to get on and off. Reduced fares might apply.

If you want more in-depth information about the bus service, have a look at our article about the public buses in Valencia.


Public transport discounts - 1st September to 31st December 2022

The Valencian government has introduced a 30% discount on public transport passes.

The price of a SUMA 10 pass (valid for metro, tram, buses, and railways) down to €5.60 (one zone), €8.40 (two zones), and €14.00 (three zones).

Bonobus tickets are brought down to €6.00.

Single tickets remain the same as always.

Free Transport Under 30 - 9th October - 31st December 2022

Free public transport (metro, trams, and buses) is available in Valencia for people under 30.

To benefit from this initiative, users have to request their free transport card online. The only prerequisite is a Spanish DNI or NIE as proof of age.

You will have a few different options for a bus ticket: single tickets, 10-journey tickets, transportation passes for several days (and passengers).

You can get single tickets (valid only for the bus) directly from the bus driver. Remember that most buses will not have card readers, so always have some cash on you if you plan on getting your tickets this way.

EMT Valencia single bus ticket
Single bus tickets are printed on paper directly on board. They are the only kind of ticket that doesn’t need to be validated after purchase.

In terms of multiple-journey passes, you have a bus-only option or combination options. The combination tickets SUMA are valid across all bus services, metro, and short-distance trains, within a selected area.

There are 10-journey or unlimited passes for multiple days. To get a SUMA pass, you can go to an EMT Customer Service stand, metro station, kiosk, tobacco shop, or Renfe Cercanias selling point.

If you have a Spanish phone number, you will also be able to recharge your pass on the app RecargaSUMA, previously known as RecargaMobilis.

Meanwhile, a 10-journey bus pass (Bonobus) is also available. It is valid only for EMT buses (red buses in the city centre), and it allows unlimited transfers between buses for one hour. Bonobus can be bought at tobacco shops, kiosks, and EMT Customer Service Offices.

Valencia Tourist Card
Valencia Tourist Cards come in hard plastic and can be recycled after use.

Another great option is the Valencia Tourist Card (VTC). This is a discount card with one, two, or three days validity.

The card gives you free public transportation (bus, metro, tram) in all zones, free entry to museums and monuments, and up to 50% discount on tourist services, shops, and restaurants.


While many stops are shared, all lines make up a network of routes that covers and connects the Valencia area nicely.

Most EMT lines connect the historic centre of the city with some peripheral neighbourhoods around it. However, there are a few exceptions and interesting lines to keep in mind.

Lines C1, 28 24, 25 19, 31, 32, 92, 93 16, 26 30 C2, C3, 99
Details These lines dwell almost exclusively in the old historical centre, covering short stretches of high tourist interest. They connect the city with towns like Albufera, south of Valencia, towards the famous rice fields of the region. These lines link various areas of the city centre with the maritime neighbourhoods. Their routes connect the city with towns outside of it, to the north of Valencia. Moves exclusively in the eastern part of the city, towards the beach and harbour areas. They avoid the most central areas, going around them.
  • EMT Valencia bus line C1 route map
    EMT bus line C1 is a circular line that dwells only in the city centre.
  • EMT Valencia bus line C2 route map
    EMT bus line C2 goes all around Valencia’s city centre.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 28 route map
    Pictured you can see the route taken by EMT bus line 28, which circles around the whole city centre.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 24 route map
    In this image, you can see the itinerary for bus line 24, across zones A and AB.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 25 route map
    Here you can see the itinerary for bus line 25, across zones A and AB.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 19 route map
    In the picture, the route for EMT bus line 19, connecting Valencia to its beaches.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 31 route map
    Route for EMT bus line 31, which connects Valencia to its beaches.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 32 route map
    EMT bus line 32 connects Valencia’s central areas to the beaches.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 92 route map
    EMT bus line 92 also connects Valencia to the maritime areas and beaches.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 93 route map
    EMT bus line 93 crosses all of transport zone A, connecting the city to the maritime areas.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 16 Route Map
    EMT bus line 16 connects Valencia with the northern neighbourhoods.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 26 Route Map
    EMT bus line 26 also connects Valencia with some northern neighbourhoods.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 30 Route Map
    EMT bus line 30 moves exclusively in the eastern areas of Valencia.
  • EMT Valencia bus line C3 Route Map
    EMT bus line C3 goes all around Valencia’s city centre.
  • EMT Valencia bus line 99 Route Map
    EMT bus line 99 hugs Valencia in a U-shape

Getting around by bus is the best option if…

  • You want to reach areas not covered by the metro service.
  • You want to enjoy the view while you’re on the bus.
  • You like the possibility of hopping off in a neighbourhood you like.

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