Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia

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Here you can join us for a virtual walking tour of Valencia’s Plaza del Ayuntamiento. You’ll have a preview of what the square looks like, and you’ll see the buildings referenced in this article.

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Plaza del Ayuntamiento

  1. Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Virtual Tour Full tour
  2. Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Town Hall Town Hall
  3. Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Palacio de las Comunicaciones Palacio de las Comunicaciones
  4. Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Flower Market Flower Market
  5. Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Fountain Fountain

Full tour

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Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of the largest squares in Valencia. It is a triangle-shaped square that points north.

Starting from the southwestern end of the triangle, you can find the Town Hall, where Valencia’s Municipal Council and the Municipal History Museum are based.

The middle of the square is where temporary exhibitions, markets, and stages are often placed (for example during the Fallas festival).

Going around the square you’ll find some of the biggest buildings in Valencia’s Ciutat Vella, which were mostly built throughout the 20th century.

On the opposite side of the square from the Town Hall, you’ll find the Correos building. In front of it, in the middle of the square, you’ll find the famous Flower Market Stalls.

Town Hall

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The Town Hall building is easily recognisable because of its monumental façade, complete with a balcony, high tower, clock and bell chimes.

The older part of the building is Neoclassical and academic in style. The newer part (which includes the façade) is more grandiose and sumptuous in style.

Palacio de las Comunicaciones

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The Palacio de las Comunicaciones (known as Correos building) used to house Valencia’s Post Office, but today it can be visited as a tourist sight.

The building is a mixture of architectural Eclecticism and Valencian Modernism.

On the façade of the structure, you’ll notice the many decorations, including ionic columns, arches, and allegorical figures.

Flower Market

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That of the Flower Market Stalls is a long-standing tradition in Valencia’s Town Hall Square.

The morning is the best time to enjoy the smell and the colours of the flowers and the buzz of the locals around them.


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The fountain in Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of the most well-known fountains in the city.

It is one of the few architectural decorative elements in the square. The various jets of water that spout from the basin create an airy, almost cloud-like appearance.

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