Fallera mayor being accompanied by fallero

The responsibilities

Being Fallera Mayor is no cakewalk. Even though the role is only representative and symbolic, rather than executive, it is still very costly, both financially and in terms of time and energy.

Fallera representing her falla in a parade - Valencia
A fallera mayor’s role is to represent her committee and her falla. The Fallera Mayor de Valencia, instead, represents the whole festival.

Fallera Mayor responsibilities

A Fallera Mayor will have to visit other festivals in Spain as a representative and especially preside over almost all Fallas events. For example, the Fallera Mayor speaks at the Crida and has to be present at the award ceremonies, mascletàs, and Cremà of the falla municipal.

She is of course busiest during the culminating weeks of Fallas, around the 1st-19th March. She has to get up at dawn and go to bed very late to attend all events in the festival, leaving her barely any time to sleep. On top of that, the Fallera Mayor needs to wear the traditional Valencian costume (which includes a particular hairdo) to all these events.

Falleras and la Corte de Honor at the Ayuntamiento de Valencia after Mascletá
A lot of official events, even some not directly related to Fallas, need to be presided over by the Fallera Mayor de Valencia, often accompanied by her Corte de Honor.

Fallera Mayor Infantil responsibilities

Being Fallera Mayor Infantil is not as strenuous as being Fallera Mayor, but it’s still extremely demanding for a child.

A Fallera Mayor Infantil will accompany the Fallera Mayor to almost all Fallas events, like the Crida (where she is expected to give her own speech), the mascletàs, and Cremà of the falla municipal. The Fallera Mayor Infantil, just like her adult counterpart, needs to wear the traditional Valenciana costume to all these events.

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The responsibilities