Falleras on the streets of Valencia

The types of Falleras Mayores

The Fallera Mayor is the main representative of the falleros community, those Valencians that dedicate so much of their time to organising, fundraising, and making Fallas happen in general. She is the Fallas Queen.

There are a few important distinctions to keep in mind about the Fallera Mayor. First of all, every Fallas committee, composed of falleras and falleros, has their own fallera mayor, their female representative. However, every year a Fallera Mayor de Valencia is elected to represent not just the members of her own committee, but every fallera and fallero in the city.

Las Falleras during la Ofrenda - Fallas Valencia
Thousands of falleras and falleros parade in the streets during the Ofrenda de Flores.

The Fallas Queen is surrounded and helped by the Corte de Honor, a group of twelve other falleras.

Even though the Fallera Mayor doesn’t really get to make any executive choices (she is a symbolic figure), her role is exhausting and extremely demanding. She has to preside over numerous ceremonies and events in her time as Queen.

On top of that, contrary to what one might think, she does not receive a salary. Actually, the title is quite the investment in terms of money, time, and energy. So why do hundreds of falleras apply every year to become Fallera Mayor? The answer really does encapsulate the Valencians’ love for their city and the Fallas tradition. The most important payoff a Fallera Mayor will get is the satisfaction and honour of having represented her city and her community before thousands.

Fallera Mayor Infantil

Something to keep in mind is that there really are two city representatives each year. One is the Fallera Mayor already mentioned, the other is the Fallera Mayor Infantil.

Falleras Infantiles at Fallas Festival in Valencia
There is no lower age limit to be a fallera infantil, so you’ll find very young falleras, often accompanied by their parents or even grandparents.

The Fallera Mayor Infantil represents all young girls and boys who are part of the falleros community. Much like her adult counterpart, she is a symbolic figure, which generally accompanies the Fallera Mayor in her representative duties.

Each year, the Fallera Mayor Infantil de Valencia is also accompanied by the Corte de Honor Infantil. This is a group of twelve other falleras infantiles who help and assist the young queen in her duties.

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The types of Falleras Mayores