Foro Romano - Roma

Useful tips

  • Remember that the Roman Forum, the Palatine, and the Colosseum are part of one archaeological zone—the available tickets allow access to all three sites.
  • Unlike the Colosseum, there are usually no long queues to enter the Roman Forum or the Palatine. However, it’s recommended to book your ticket online in advance.
  • If you have to choose a time for your visit (online ticket), it’s only for access to the Colosseum. For the Roman Forum and Palatine, this isn’t necessary.
  • It’s highly recommended to spend at least 2 hours visiting the Roman Forum. To get the most out of your visit, you could also take a guided tour.
  • On sunny days, keep in mind that there are few shady spots in the area. Bring a hat or cap, for example, to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Prepare for waiting times to enter. Due to crowds or mandatory security checks with metal detectors, it may take a little longer to get in.
  • Small and medium-sized backpacks are allowed but must go through the security check.
  • Don’t forget your passport or identity card. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to enter the archaeological zone.

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