Falla Plaça del Mercat right before La Cremà - Fallas Valencia

Location and map

There are just under 400 fallas committees in Valencia. Considering that each committee produces two fallas (one for kids and one for adults), this means that on the night of the Cremà, there are almost 800 fallas burning around the city: several per neighbourhood.

Although every year an app with the fallas map is released, it has been known to give a few issues in the past. For this reason, we have made our own interactive map.

In any case, as a general rule, the sculptures are placed wherever there’s enough room to host them. Squares, broad street corners, and even wide enough streets are all good spots.

Falla being burned in the streets of Valencia
On the night of the Cremà, fallas are burnt all over the city: squares, corners, and broad streets.

Since the sculptures are not lit on fire until there’s a firefighter team on-site, our tip is to follow them. If, when walking around the city on the night of the 19th of March, you see a fire brigade by a falla, that is a good sign the sculpture is going to be burnt up soon.

A spot where you’re sure to find a falla –the biggest one, in fact– is Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Here is the municipal falla, the last one to be burnt, which concludes a cycle of fallas festivities and begins the next one.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia during La Cremà
The biggest falla, in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, is always burnt last.

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