Piazza Navona - Roma
Piazza Navona

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In addition to the many monuments and works at the square itself, there are other attractions near Piazza Navona. Below is a list of tourist attractions that you can visit within walking distance.

Trevi Fountain

This is the largest and most famous fountain in Rome and is built against the back wall of the Palazzo Poli. It was commissioned by Pope Clement XII, designed partly by Bernini, and built over 50 years later in the Baroque style with the intervention of architect Nicola Salvi.

Construction of the enchanting and romantic rococo fountain began in 1732 and was inaugurated in 1762. Today, it’s a true symbol of the city and is visited by millions of tourists every year.

The Trevi Fountain is 950 m west of Piazza Navona (a 12-minute walk).

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia with the Altare della Patria is among the iconic sights of Rome. It’s located at the foot of Campidoglio hill, where five of the city’s main streets intersect. It’s named after the nearby Palazzo Venezia, which was used as the embassy of the Venetian Republic in Rome.

A few sights in this square include Palazzo Bonaparte, the Monument to Victor Emanuel II, Palazzo Venezia, Basilica San Marco, and the bust of Madame Lucrezia.

Piazza Venezia is 1 km west of Piazza Navona (a 13-minute walk).

Imperial Fora

The Fori Imperiali consists of a series of monumental fora (public squares). They were built over a total period of 150 years, between 46 BC and 113 AD. Over the years, Caesar, Vespasian, Augustus, Nerva, and Trajan contributed to its development.

The Imperial Fora were built to replace the Roman Forum after it became too small due to strong population growth and could no longer fulfill its purpose as the center of Rome.

The entrance to the Imperial Fora is 1.3 km from Piazza Navona (a 17-minute walk).

Circus Maximus

Considered to be the largest sports stadium built by man, this archaeological area was the site of legendary entertainment activities for nearly a thousand years.

Most of the building is underground and there’s not much left to see above ground. However, through a virtual reality tour , you can discover what the circus used to look like. It’s definitely worth a visit.

The entrance to Circus Maximus is 1.6 km from Piazza Navona (a 20-minute walk).


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Nearby places of interest