Plaza de Toros and Estación del Norte in Valencia
Plaza de Toros

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Being between Valencia’s old quarters and the newer neighbourhoods, the Plaza de Toros is rather close to many of Valencia’s landmarks and important buildings.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento or Plaça de l’Ajuntament in Valencian, is the City Hall square in Valencia. As such, it is one of the most important and central squares of the city. Every day, locals can be found relaxing by its fountain and enjoying the view of its flower market.

The Plaça de Bous is only 300 m away south of the Town Hall Square (4-minute walk, less than 0.2 miles).

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Ruzafa (or Russafa, in Valencian) is a popular neighbourhood in the Eixample of Valencia. It is more modern than the old quarters of the city, and it features many chic venues, beloved by locals and tourists alike.

Rusafa is known for its indie art galleries and stores, American-style bakeries, cafes with terraces, as well as trendy bars and clubs. You can read more about this neighbourhood in our article about Ruzafa.

Going from the Plaza de Toros to Ruzafa should take you around 5 minutes (400 m, just over 0.2 miles). From the side of the Bullring, you can follow Calle de Castelló, and in just a few minutes you’ll find yourself in Ruzafa.

The Mercat de Colón is one of the most beautiful buildings in Valencia and one of the most important examples of Valencian art nouveau.

In the past, the site had been a market like many of the others that can be found in the city, but today it is more of a dining and drinking venue, with fine restaurants, bars and outdoor cafés. Now renovated, this gated centre is decorated with ceramic details and sheltered by brick columns and a wrought-iron roof.

The Mercat is only 800 m east (10-minute walk, 0.5 miles) of the Plaza de Toros.

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Valencia’s Central Market is Europe’s biggest fresh produce market and one of the city’s most important modernist buildings. A building that embodies and encapsulates Valencia’s craftsmanship, agricultural heritage and artistic traditions.

The Central Market is just 800 m north (10-minute walk, 0.5 miles) of the Plaza de Toros.

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The Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exhange, in English), completed in the first decades of the 1500s is one of the main examples of Valencian Gothic civil buildings.

The building illustrates the power and wealth held by Valencia in its Golden Age, when it became one of the great Mediterranean mercantile cities. This structure, its halls, and its patio can today be visited and explored.

The Lonja is just in front of the Central Market, so its entrance is only 900 m away (11-minute walk, a little under 0.6 miles) from the Bullring.

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