Audio guide in San Nicolas Church in Valencia

Useful tips for your visit

Here are our recommendations and tips to make sure that you make the most of your experience and that you don’t miss out on anything Saint Nicholas Church has to offer.

  • As we have mentioned in other sections of the article, the entrance to the Church is not obvious at first sight and can be easy to miss. We highly recommend you visit this church in Valencia, and it’s not likely you’ll see it just wandering around. You can look up on a map Calle de Caballeros 35, where the tourist entrance to the Church is. It just looks like a plain, small, black door, but trust us, it’s truly worth it.
  • If you want to take pictures inside - although they might not do it justice - you can. Just keep in mind that tripods are not allowed and remember to turn the flash off. It won’t be needed anyway, as the works are well lit.
Information at the entrance of San Nicolas church in Valencia
As with all other Christian churches, revealing clothing is not permitted, so if you are visiting in the summer months, remember to bring a scarf to cover yourself up.
  • Make sure you listen to the audio guide. It really adds to the visit and it is very informative.
  • To enjoy the audio guide don’t forget to bring your earphones, as the guide will be available on your phone via a QR code.
  • Remember not to skip the museum either, it has many interesting artefacts.
  • Remember that the Church is closed for visitors on Mondays, but it remains open for worship. Pictures and videos are not allowed at those times, and you won’t be able to wander around and visit the museum.

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