Roof decoration in Mercado Central Valencia

Useful tips for your visit

Here are our recommendations and tips to make sure that you make the most of your experience and you don’t miss out on anything the Mercat Central has to offer.

  • If you want to admire the structure in peace, we suggest you go before midday, as around lunchtime the Market can get pretty busy and noisy, especially on Saturdays.
  • If you want to go to the restrooms, you can find them on the underground level. Remember to bring a coin (€0.50) for the turnstile gates.
  • The majority of the stands have a card reader for you to purchase products without cash. However, we always recommend you have at least some cash on you, in case of small purchases or malfunction of the machines.
A person paying with cash in Mercado Central Valencia
Although card readers are normally used in the Market, we recommend you always keep some cash on you in case card payments are not possible.
  • There is a car park (Centre Històric-Mercat Central Parking) with more than 300 spaces directly below the Market. Pedestrian access is through the underground floor of the Market itself, while the car access is through Calle Guillem Sorolla.
  • Through a point system, you can get one hour of free parking if you purchase products in the Market. For more info, you can check the Market’s info page .
  • If you visit the Market during the festivities, like Christmas, you’ll find that the space has been decorated in theme with the holiday, usually with ornaments hanging from the ceiling.
  • The Market is quite big, and once you’re inside it can be difficult to find your way around it. In fact, it is so big that the aisles inside even have their own names, as if they were streets. For this reason, if you are looking for a specific product or stand, we suggest you check the map.

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