Streetlights of Falla Cuba Puerto Rico in Valencia
Fallas Streetlights

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Fallas Calendar 2023

For the latest details regarding the events' dates and times, check out the Fallas 2023 calendar.

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During Fallas anything makes for a good reason to celebrate, and the streetlight displays are no exception. Every year, the weekend before the Plantà, the participating Fallas committees make a big deal out of lighting up their streetlights, and the event takes the name of encendidos de luces.

The lights are normally lit up in rounds, meaning you get to see the lights being turned on several times during the same night, together with a brief music show or even some castillos de fuegos (firework display). Alternatively, what some Fallas do is turn on the lights and keep them up for the night.

Streetlights lit up at night during Fallas in Valencia’s district Ruzafa
It’s not uncommon to have a musical performance at the time the streetlights get turned on every night.

The best streetlights

In Valencia, streetlight displays organised for the Fallas are sorted into two budget categories: the bigger ones, called A-Category, and the smaller B-Categories. Obviously, if you want to see the most impressive streetlights during Fallas, you have to go to an A-Category display.

The best shows can be found in the Russafa and Malvarrosa neighbourhoods. In particular, the Fallas committees we recommend you go see are Sueca-Literato Azorín, Cuba-Puerto Rico, Cuba-Literato Azorín, Cádiz-Los Centelles and Malvarrosa-Antonio Ponz-Cavite. These committees routinely compete to have the best display.


The schedule for each encendido de luces varies every year, although you can generally expect streets to be lit up around 8:00 or 9:00 pm.


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