Fireworks over Torres de Serranos during la Crida - Fallas Valencia

What it is exactly

Although it is preceded by a series of preparatory events, the Crida proper begins in the evening, around 8:00 pm. Thousands of falleros from all over the city flock to Plaza de la Crida, in front of the Serranos towers.

All the Fallas committees - each with their banner and their members - gather here. As they wait for the officiating figures to climb up the scaffolding attached to the Torres de Serranos, there usually is music, singing, fireworks, and a light show. There might even be dancing or small theatrical performances.

Light show and fireworks during La Crida - Fallas Valencia
Even though there are many forms of entertainment during the Crida, a lot of people go just to be able to see the impressive fireworks.

Finally, the Falleras Mayores (the Fallera Mayor and the Fallera Mayor infantil) and Valencia’s mayor arrive. Once they are in front of everyone on the platform, they each give a short speech in Valencian to encourage people to celebrate and wish good luck to the year’s Fallas edition.

These are considered the most moving moments of the function. The mayor goes first, handing the city’s keys to the Fallera Mayor in a symbolic gesture. After that, she gives a speech too, followed by the Fallera Mayor Infantil.

At this point, all the gathered falleros sing the Valencian anthem, as well as a piece of the Spanish anthem. Once finished, the grand finale consists of a firework display and light show set off from the old Turia riverbed (the TuriaPark).

Parade to Plaza de la Virgen

After the ceremony, the crowd, made up of the municipal authorities, the Fallas Council and the Falleras Mayor and Infantil with their respective courts of honour, make their way to the church in Plaza de la Virgen.

The point of the parade to the Basilica de la Mare de Deu dels Desamparats is to pay homage to the Virgin Patron Saint of Valencia and request a favourable and smooth festivity.

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What it is exactly