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The Trevi Fountain

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The world-famous Trevi Fountain is surrounded by other landmarks. Here’s a list of attractions you can visit within walking distance from Piazza di Trevi.


This is a temple dedicated to all the gods of the past, present, and future. It was founded in 27 BC by Marco Vipsanio Agrippa and has retained its religious function to this day, despite Catholic modifications.

The iconic work is one of the few Roman buildings still intact, encompassing centuries of history, art, culture, and sophisticated building technology.

The entrance to the Pantheon is 650 m southwest of the Trevi Fountain (a 7-minute walk).

Imperial Fora

The Fori Imperiali consists of a series of monumental fora (public squares). These were built over a total period of 150 years, between 46 BC and 113 AD. Over the years, Ceasar, Vespasian, Augustus, Nerva, and Trajan contributed to its development.

The Imperial Fora was built to replace the Roman Forum after it became too small due to strong population growth and could no longer fulfill its purpose as the center of Rome.

The entrance to the Fori Imperiali is 900 m south of the Trevi Fountain (an 11-minute walk).

Piazza Navona

This is one of the most famous monumental squares in Rome. Emperor Domitian had a large stadium built on this spot for athletic competitions, which had room for 30,000 people.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Romans built houses on the former tribunes. The athletics track itself remained unbuilt and evolved into a large square over the centuries. In the 17th century, Pope Innocent X gave it its current shape.

Piazza Navona is 950 m west of the Trevi Fountain (a 12-minute walk).

Roman Forum

This was the epicenter of social, political, religious, and cultural life in ancient Rome. It was also the heart of the empire and the ruins found here are surprisingly interesting.

No trip to the Eternal City would be complete without a visit to this majestic complex. It’s a must-see site and access is included in the Colosseum entry ticket .

The entrance to the Roman Forum is 950 m south of the Trevi Fountain (a 12-minute walk).


The Flavian Amphitheater is the most important symbol of Italy and therefore definitely worth a visit during your stay in Rome. Each year, about six million travelers visit the ruins of the Colosseum, which are among the new seven world wonders.

Admission to the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and the Palatine is included in a single ticket .

The Colosseum is 1.6 km southeast of the Trevi Fountain (a 20-minute walk).

Domus Aurea

The remains of the great palace that Emperor Nero ordered to be built in 64 AD can be visited in a virtual reality experience tour .

The virtual reality glasses allow you to explore Nero’s extravagant residence in all its glory and get an idea of what it would have looked like at the time.

The entrance to the Domus Area is located about 1.6 km southeast of the Trevi Fountain (a 20-minute walk).


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