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Tickets and opening hours

A visit to the Domus Aurea is only possible in small groups and with a professional guide. The special feature of this tour is that you can use VR glasses to see what Nero’s palace must have looked like in the past.

Since restoration work still takes place during the week, you can only visit the Domus Aurea on weekends. In other words, the Golden House of Nero can only be visited on Saturdays and Sundays.

Book your visit to the Domus Aurea via this website .

Type of ticket
Standard: full price
Reduced: children under 12 years
Free entrance: children under 6 years
Type of ticket Base price* Total price**
Standard: full price €14.00 €22.00
Reduced: children under 12 years €10.00 €18.00
Free entrance: children under 6 years - €2.00

* The base price includes the entrance fee, guided tour, a map of Rome, and the use of VR glasses and a safety helmet.

** The total price includes a booking fee of €2.00 and the ticket for the special exhibition of €6.00. Children under 6 years only pay the online reservation fee (if applicable).

Temporary exhibitions usually cost extra. The purchase of such a ticket may be mandatory for anyone wishing to visit the Domus Aurea. If you haven’t paid for the exhibition when booking online, you’ll have to pay the difference on the spot. You can also reserve your tickets by phone (+39 06 399 67 700).

The fact that you cannot visit the Golden House of Nero on your own, but only with a guided tour, is partly due to the dilapidation of the remains of the building.

The tour lasts one hour and is available in Italian, Spanish, French, and English. More info can be found on this website .

Virtual reality as part of the tour

A highlight of the tour is the use of virtual reality goggles that allow you to explore Nero’s extravagant residence in all its glory and get an idea of what it would have looked like at the time.

The tour takes you through a series of dark rooms and corridors, where it’s hard to imagine what the once-luminous building originally looked like. But during the tour, there are multiple videos about the history of the Domus Aurea that, along with the VR technology, let you experience a journey through time.


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Tickets and opening hours