Paris Public Transport Apps

Whether with public or private transport, there are many tools to plan and pay for your journeys in Paris. Live updates, route planning, and tickets. All available on your device, as long as you have an internet connection.

Paris has a superb transport network, both public and private. However, figuring out which option works best or which transport method is most efficient in each situation can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the network.

The apps we have gathered here are there to help you with this precisely. They are the most commonly used in Paris - both by locals and tourists - and are entirely free. Of course, you don’t have to download them all. We suggest you have a look at the options and choose the ones you’re most likely to use

Bonjour RATP

Bonjour RATP is probably the most useful app as far as public transport in Paris goes. The RATP is the operator for all of Paris’ public transport. That includes buses (daytime and nighttime Noctilien), the Métro, RER trains, tramways, Transilien SNCF, and the Orlyval.

Their app, called Bonjour RATP is basically an all-in-one application to help you navigate the aforementioned transport system, plus Vélib bike-sharing and Marcel ride-hailing. You can find your route, consult timetables and maps, get live updates on traffic, disruptions, and strikes, as well as top up your tickets and passes (the T+ tickets, the Passe Navigo, OrlyBus tickets, and RoissyBus tickets).

Download Bonjour RATP for iOS

Download Bonjour RATP for Android

Paris Transport App
The Bonjour RATP integrates info on Paris’ Métro, RER trains, buses, tramways, and SNCF Transilien.


This is one of the most popular mapping and route finder apps in several capitals, not just Paris. Citymapper lets you plan your journeys, combining walking, driving, cycling, and public transport.

In Paris, Citymapper includes Métro, buses, RER trains, tramways, and Vélib stations.

Download Citymapper for iOS

Download Citymapper for Android

Paris Transport App
With Citymapper you can combine several legs of a journey with different means of transport.


Vélib is a bike-sharing system made up of 20,000 (both traditional and electric) bikes and 1,400 docking points all over Paris. The Vélib app lets you pay for your subscription and shows you how many available terminals there are at each station. This is particularly useful in busy areas, since you want to avoid arriving at a station and not being able to park your bike or take one out.

Download Vélib for iOS

Download Vélib for Android

Paris Transport App
With the Vélib app, you can choose your subscription and see available docking points.


Uber is a well-known app for private hire vehicles. It lets you find and book rides to move from one part of the city to another, track your vehicle and get in touch with the driver, as well as pay for your journey from the app directly.

Aside from the consistency in prices and general user-friendliness, one of Uber’s much-appreciated features is that it lets you choose between different kinds of vehicles. You can go for shared rides, priority bookings if you’re in a rush, luxury rides, or even pet-friendly ones.

Download Uber for iOS

Download Uber for Android

Paris Transport App
Uber is one of the most user-friendly ride-hailing apps.

G7 Taxi

G7 Taxi is a cab-hailing app for the biggest taxi company in Paris. Of course, its biggest draw it’s the company’s reliability and the extension of its service.

With G7 Taxi, you can book one of the 9,500 cabs they have in the city (up to 30 days in advance), track your taxi, and pay through the app itself.

Download G7 Taxi for iOS

Download G7 Taxi for Android

Paris Transport App
G7 Taxi is the most popular taxi-hailing app in Paris.


Cityscoot is Paris’ electric scooter-sharing app. Within a designed area in the city, you’ll be able to find and rent out any one of Cityscoot’s available mopeds. After use, you can park your scooter anywhere (within the authorised area) and that’s it.

You won’t have to worry about keys, gas, recharging, or helmets - since they come with each scooter. The service is pay-as-you-go, with a set cost per minute, so you don’t have to commit to any subscription plan.

Download Cityscoot for iOS

Download Cityscoot for Android

Paris Transport App
On Cityscoot you can see all available scooters on the map and reserve whichever is closest to you.


Lime is another large electric vehicle-sharing company, and in Paris, they offer e-bikes and electric kick-scooters (a bit slower but more agile than regular mopeds). With Lime, you can find a scooter close to you, unlock it, use it, and pretty much leave it anywhere when you are finished - as long as you leave walkways and streets clear.

Once you are done, you pay for the ride (a fixed charge plus a set cost per minute) through the app. Although the use of a helmet is strongly encouraged, Lime does not provide helmets along with their scooters.

Download Lime for iOS

Download Lime for Android

Paris Transport App
Much like with other vehicle-sharing apps, on Lime you can find all available scooters and bikes on the map.

Plaine Commune Grand Paris

This one is not strictly a public transport app, but it does offer some relevant services that include it. Plaine Commune Grand Paris acts like a portable tourist office, with info and suggestions about the most popular sights, restaurants, and activities, as well as a route planning feature for Paris’ public transport network.

Unfortunately, in our experience, the app is not very user-friendly and does not always work as it should. Additionally, it is only available in French, making it difficult to navigate for anyone that does not speak the language.

Download Plaine Commune Grand Paris for iOS

Download Plaine Commune Grand Paris for Android

Paris Transport App
The Plaine Commune Grand Paris offers info about sites and transport in Paris.

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