Streetlights on the streets of Valencia during Fallas

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These are the Fallas Streetlights in images.

Streetlights during Fallas.
During Fallas, selected streets are decorated with colourful illumination.
Illumination in the streets of Valencia’s Ruzafa during Fallas.
Some of the streetlights have purely abstract illumination with geometric shapes and lines.
Lighting in a square during Fallas week.
In certain neighbourhoods, you’ll find that it’s not just the streets that are illuminated, but also the squares and crossings where the fallas are located.
Illuminated street in Valencia during the Fallas festival.
Some of the street illumination represents real-life objects, like flowers or plants.
Streetlights in Falla Cuba - Puerto Rico, Valencia.
At the point of the street where the lights begin, you’ll find the name of the local Falla that organised the illumination along with the various sponsors.

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