Falleras arriving at Plaza de la Virgen - Ofrenda de Flores - Fallas Valencia

Schedule and route

As the Ofrenda is a large parade that unfolds over two days, committees (there are 392 in Valencia) are assigned a specific time, day, and route to take.

Each group sets off from their falla and slowly makes its way to the Plaza de la Virgen, meaning that some committees have to walk several kilometres to get to their final destination.

Falleras walking towards Ofrenda de Flores - Fallas Valencia
The falleras and falleros can walk for several kilometres on their way to Plaza de la Virgen.


17th March
18th March
Day Start End
17th March 3:30 pm 1:00 am (approx)
18th March 3:30 pm 1:00 am (approx)

Normally, the Falleras Mayores close the parades. The Fallera Mayor Infantil and her Corte de Honor pay homage to the Virgin on the 17th, while the Faller Mayor and her Corte de Honor go on the 18th.


There are usually two routes that the committees follow once in the city centre, but they can differ slightly every year. In any case, they will always end up in Plaza de la Virgen (also known as Plaça de la Mare de Déu), in front of the Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados.

The first route goes from Calle de la Paz to Calle Luís Vives onto Calle Avellanas, then Calle Palau and Calle Almoina.

The second route instead comes from the west, starting in Calle de Quart, then Calle de Caballeros and then still straight on to Plaza Manises and Plaza de la Virgen.

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Schedule and route