Recogida del Ninot - Fallas Valencia

Recogida del Ninot

The Recogida del Ninot is the act of bringing the ninots that have not become Ninots Indultats back to their casal fallero of origin. This is one of the most unknown ceremonies of the festival, yet one of the most festive and upbeat events.

Fallera being interviewed during la Recogida del Ninot - Fallas Valencia
The Ninots Indultats are actually not the only ones to be spared from the fire. It is customary for Falleras Mayores and other Fallas representatives to keep some of the ninots.

Right after the Ninots Indultats are announced (on the 14th of March for ninots infantiles and on the 15th for adult ninots), hundreds of falleros, falleras and music bands gather outside the Ninot Exhibition. It’s not unusual to see tabalets and dolçainas being played.

One by one, among the singing, dancing, and music, they will collect their committee’s ninots and bring them back to their casal. To get there, they will use vans, buses, or even tractors, all decorated with balloons, flags and Fallas-themed ornaments. In tone with the rest of the ceremony, this is also done as loudly and as festively as possible.

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