Dancers in reenactment costumes - Moros y Cristianos, Fallas Valencia


The schedule can of course vary with the year, but there usually are a couple of recurring parades. One is organised on the Saturday preceding the Semana Fallera (15th-19th March). The other is on the 19th of March, before the Cabalgata del Fuego and the Crida.

Moros y Cristianos parade
Moros y Cristianos parade
Event Day Time Location
Moros y Cristianos parade 11th March 2023 7:00 pm Carrer de Pius XI, 28
Moros y Cristianos parade 19th March 2023 6:00 pm Carrer del Comte d’Altea, 20

Our recommendations

Keep in mind that while the parade itself - starting with the Entrada - is the main event, there usually is an opening show of some kind, so we recommend you go to the indicated location at least 30 minutes before the indicated time.

If you’d like to know more about other Fallas events, you can check out our Fallas Calendar.

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