Crowd gathered to watch Corda, the opening of Fallas in Valencia
La Cordà

Practical Info

The Cordà is normally held on the last Saturday of February, on the eve of the Crida, in the city’s main square.

Entry is free, and we recommend you start arriving at least 30 minutes in advance, as the square fills up early on for the event, and the police might close the nearby streets to avoid dangerous overcrowding.

Event Time Place Duration
Cordà 9:30 pm, 25th March 2023 Plaza del Ayuntamiento 20 min.

Restricted areas

Of course, the inside of the cage set up in Plaza del Ayuntamiento is off-limits for anyone who is not part of the pyrotechnic personnel. For safety reasons, a perimeter is also set up around the metal cage, so that spectators can watch from a safe distance.

Best spots to watch the firework display

The cage for the Cordà is set up at the southern end of Plaza del Ayuntamiento, in front of the Correos building. Anything on that side or in front of the Ayuntamiento building will guarantee an excellent view of the event.

Remember that, as the square fills up, the nearby streets are closed off to avoid dangerous overcrowding, so it’s good to come by early and secure a good spot within view of the cage.


Since the Cordà takes place in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, if you are already in Valencia’s Ciutat Vella, the easiest way is to reach it on foot. Your public transport options are detailed below.

Remember that some Valenbisi stations or public transport lines might be disrupted with Fallas events, so always check your apps.

Method Metro Tram Bus Valenbisi
Line 3, 5, 9 10 C1, 6, 8, 11, 35, 70 -
Stops Xàtiva, Colón Alacant Plaça de l’Ajuntament 011, 015, 040, 017

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