Tram - Roma

How to use

To find out which line(s) and stop(s) are convenient for you to reach your destination, we recommend using the tools mentioned later in this article. This way, you don’t have to use complicated maps or ask people on the street for directions.

The streetcars have multiple doors, any of which you can use to get on or off as there are no access controls. Furthermore, keep in mind that during rush hours, there’s a good chance that there are no seats available and that it can be less pleasant to travel with luggage.

If you have a previously validated ticket or pass, you don’t need to do anything when embarking. Just make sure you have your ticket ready in case there’s an inspection. If you still need to validate your ticket, you can do so at one of the yellow machines located at the front or rear of the streetcar.

In case the machines don’t work, follow this rule: write the date and time of the start of your journey on the ticket. If this isn’t possible due to the lack of a pen, don’t worry too much. You’ll only be checked if a ticket inspector gets on the bus.

The driver won’t check if you have a valid ticket when you board. However, ticket inspectors get on the buses from time to time to inspect everyone’s tickets. It’s good to know that the amount of a fine for an invalid ticket (or lack thereof) is €104.90 and is reduced to €54.90 if you pay it immediately.

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