Roma - Lido tren
Suburban trains of Rome


The suburban train system has three lines that connect Rome with the eastern suburbs, the city of Viterbo in the north, and the Lido area in the southwest.


It’s the only line of sightseeing interest. It connects the center of Rome with the archaeological site of Ostia Antica in a 26-minute ride. It’s also useful for visiting Ostia, the beach of Rome.

The Roma-Lido line is connected to metro line B at three stations:

  • Porta San Paolo (connection to metro station Piramide)
  • Basilica San Paolo
  • EUR Magliana

To visit the Ostia area, it’s recommended to start your journey at Porta San Paolo where there’s a good chance you can still find a free seat.

The frequency of the trains on this line is between 10 and 15 minutes. On Sundays, the waiting times can be longer (up to 30 minutes).


The Roma-Viterbo line, also known as Roma Nord, is not of great touristic interest. It connects the Flaminio station on metro line A (near Piazza del Popolo) with the town of Viterbo in the north of Rome.

The frequency of trains on this line is between 10 and 20 minutes. On Sundays, it can be prolonged up to 30 minutes.

Suburban route

This line has an outer-city route from Sacrofano station to Viterbo. For journeys along this line, it’s necessary to purchase special tickets. The price varies according to the number of 10 km segments traveled.

The minimum price of a trip in this zone is €0.80 and the maximum is €4.80.

Download details on the fares for the Roma-Viterbo line (PDF - 0,88 MB)

For trips to Viterbo, it’s recommended to opt for the regional trains of the FL3 line, which depart from the Tiburtina station in Rome. They’re simply faster and more comfortable.


This line formerly covered the Roma-Pantano route but was reduced in length due to the overlapping of its route with the new metro line C.

Currently, it only covers the distance between Centocelle (southeast of Rome) and Laziali (next to the Termini Station).

It has a frequency of approximately 5 to 7 minutes. On Sundays and during August, it can be extended to 12 minutes.

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