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Subway connections between airports and Rome

None of Rome’s airports have subway stations. However, it’s possible to use the metro in combination with other public transportation for trips between the airports and the city.

For journeys between Ciampino airport and Rome, it’s possible to use city bus lines 520 and 720 in combination with metro lines A and B. The total price of the trip is €1.50. For further information, please check our guide on how to get to Rome from Ciampino airport.

On the other hand, the journey from Fiumicino airport to Rome costs €9.50, using metro line B to transfer to regional train FL1 at Ostiense or Tiburtina station. Take into account that other options are much more comfortable and efficient. You can find all the details in our guide on how to get to Rome from Fiumicino airport.

Useful tips

  • When traveling by subway, it’s often overcrowded, even outside of rush hours. This is not necessarily uncomfortable, but remember to be attentive and watch your belongings while traveling.
  • Some of Rome’s metro stations are small and out of sight. Sometimes they have different entries for each direction, so make sure you use the correct one before validating your ticket.

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