Piazza Venezzia - Roma
Piazza Venezia

Useful tips

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  • For a visit to this beautiful square, we recommend a guided tour. There are many available, depending on the budget.
  • Normally, there aren’t long queues to visit the monuments in Piazza Venezia. However, whenever possible, it is advisable to book tickets online, to avoid wasting time.
  • If you choose to go without a guide and without booking any tickets, we advise you not to miss the majestic Vittoriano, one of the main and most representative monuments in Italy.
  • Piazza Venezia is always accessible and open to the public. However, its appearance is different depending on the season you visit. The night stroll is for example favored in summer.
  • If you are moving by car, we recommend you check and even book a spot in a nearby car park.
  • In terms of the time needed to visit the Piazza fully and in detail, we recommend half a day.
  • In winter and autumn, we recommend always bringing a jacket and umbrella.
  • An evocative time to visit the Piazza is surely during the winter holidays. Every year, a beautifully decorated and illuminated Christmas tree is placed in the center of the square, conveying the Christmas spirit.

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