Colosseo - Roma

Useful tips

  • The Colosseum can only accommodate up to 3,000 people simultaneously, which sometimes causes long lines. To avoid (or reduce) long waiting times, book your visit online.
  • Another alternative to avoid waiting a long time is to buy the ticket at the ticket office of the Roman Forum or the Palatine Hill, which are usually less crowded. If you do this, you can go directly to the entrance of the Colosseum and skip the line for Colosseum tickets.
  • All visitors must pass through a mandatory security checkpoint with metal detectors before entering the Colosseum. This can also mean delays during peak hours.
  • Medium- and small-sized backpacks are allowed to enter. They’ll be checked with metal detectors and might be opened to be visually inspected by the security staff.
  • You must present your ID or passport to be admitted to the Colosseum. Don’t forget to bring it.
  • You have a 15-minute grace period to appear at the scheduled entrance time. If you arrive later, you will be denied entry and will not receive a refund.
  • If you want to buy an ordinary ticket, you can include a video guide by paying an extra €6.00. The guide is available in Spanish, English, Italian, among other languages.
  • Outside the Colosseum, it is common to find actors disguised as centurions with whom you can take pictures. If you are interested in such a souvenir, agree on the price before taking the picture to avoid misunderstandings.

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