Arco di Constantino - Roma
The Arch of Constantine

Useful tips

  • Combine a visit to the Arch of Constantine with a tour of the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum. This way you fully dive into the history of the culture of the Eternal City. Highly recommended!
  • The Arch of Constantine can be visited at any time of the year. Of course, it’s busier in the high season (June, July, and August). The months of April and October, for example, are a good alternative, also to avoid the heat in the summer months.
  • In terms of visiting time, it’s recommended to go just after opening time or just before closing time.
  • To fully admire the monument, it’s recommended to take a guided tour.
  • A visit to the Arch of Constantine is free (only the exterior can be visited), so you don’t have to buy a ticket or pay an entrance fee.
  • It’s recommended to spend at least half an hour visiting the monument.
  • Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes if you plan to visit several nearby attractions. And if you go during the peak season, it’s also recommended to wear headgear against the sun.
  • If you decide to take a tour, we recommend booking it in advance.

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