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Museum of Broadway

The Museum of Broadway

Situated right in the bustling heart of Times Square, this museum is not just a treasure trove of theater history, but a gateway to understanding the craft behind the curtain. Perfect for both die-hard Broadway fans and newcomers alike, this interactive museum experience promises a day filled with wonder and inspiration.

The Museum of Broadway in a nutshell…

The Museum of Broadway is an immersive and interactive celebration of Broadway’s rich history, featuring themed rooms and exhibits that explore the evolution and impact of theater.

Location: Situated at 145 West 45th Street, right next to the historic Lyceum Theatre and near vibrant Times Square.

Transportation: Easily accessible by subway with stations at 42nd Street-Times Square and 50th Street. Numerous bus lines (M20, M7, and M104) also serve the area.

Tickets: It’s advisable to purchase tickets online  for convenience, ensuring access on busy days and reducing wait times at the entrance.

Visiting Hours: Open from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM most days, with early closing at 2:30 PM on Wednesdays and select other days.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Broadway with a visit to the Museum of Broadway, uniquely positioned in the theater district of New York City. As you explore, you’ll encounter numerous themed rooms, each dedicated to a different facet of Broadway’s rich history. The museum’s interactive design, spearheaded by Broadway insiders, ensures a deep and engaging experience, offering a peek behind the scenes of famous shows and the evolution of this iconic avenue.

From its strategic location near Times Square to its proximity to the historic Lyceum Theatre, the museum is an indispensable stop for anyone fascinated by musicals and theater productions. Each room within the museum not only educates but also enchants, allowing visitors to connect with the heart and soul of Broadway. Prepare to be amazed by the ingenuity of stagecraft and the stories of those who have shaped Broadway into what it is today.

Practical Information

Here’s everything you need to know to make your visit as exciting and hassle-free as possible.


The Museum of Broadway stands proudly at 145 West 45th Street, a mere stone’s throw from the pulsating energy of Times Square and nestled next to the historic Lyceum Theatre.

This prime location places it at the heart of Broadway, surrounded by over forty iconic theaters.

How to Get There

Navigating to the museum is easy, thanks to New York City’s extensive public transport network. Whether you prefer the subway or the bus, you’ll find convenient options to get you right to the doorstep of Broadway’s history.


Reach the heart of Broadway via numerous subway lines that make stops around Times Square. Whether you board the purple, red, yellow, or blue lines, you are just steps away from diving into the theatrical world.

  • 42nd Street, Times Square: N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, 7, S
  • 50th Street, Broadway: 1
  • 49th Street, 7th Avenue: N, Q, R


For those who prefer traveling above ground, buses like the M20, M7, and M104 will deliver you comfortably to Times Square, ready to begin your theatrical journey.

Hop-on Hop-off Buses

Consider the hop-on hop-off buses for a flexible and scenic way to explore New York's landmarks, including the Museum of Broadway.

This option is perfect for visitors who want to take control of their itinerary, hopping off at major attractions at their leisure.

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While driving in New York City is often more hassle than it’s worth due to traffic, for those who do choose to drive, parking options are available nearby.


Securing your tickets online is the most efficient way to plan your visit. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore Broadway’s heritage in a unique, interactive setting.

Entrance with Discount Passes

Save on your New York adventures by opting for one of the many discount passes available, which include access to the Museum of Broadway among other top attractions.

Whether you choose the New York Sightseeing Pass, the GoCity Explorer Pass, or the New York Pass, you’re guaranteed to get more bang for your buck. These passes offer a great way to explore and enjoy multiple attractions at a fraction of the cost.

The New York Sightseeing Pass

Choose the New York Sightseeing Day Pass for a comprehensive experience. This pass grants access to almost all of New York’s major attractions over a set number of days. It’s a cost-effective and convenient option, especially if you plan to visit multiple sites.

GoCity Explorer Pass

The Go New York Explorer Pass allows you to choose from over 90 top attractions, including the American Museum of Natural History. This flexible option lets you tailor your itinerary to your interests, ensuring you get the most out of your visit.

The New York Pass

For those eager to dive deep into New York’s cultural scene, the New York Pass is ideal. Offering access to over 100 attractions, including museums, tours, and bike rentals, this pass is perfect for those who want a comprehensive exploration of the city’s offerings.

Visiting Hours

The Museum of Broadway welcomes visitors throughout the week with varying hours, ensuring flexibility for your schedule.

  • Regular Days: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Wednesday (and select Mondays & Tuesdays): 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Explore Broadway with a Professional

Enhance your Broadway experience by joining one of the exclusive tours that offer a deeper dive into the world of theater. From walking tours led by theater professionals to behind-the-scenes visits, there’s something for everyone who wants to learn more about the magic of Broadway.

Broadway Theaters and Times Square with a Theater Professional

Experience Broadway through the eyes of those who know it best. This walking tour, guided by a Broadway professional, covers the historic theaters of Times Square and provides insider stories that bring the history of these venues to life. It’s an unmissable experience for any theater lover.

NYC: Broadway Behind The Scenes Including Studio Visit

For a truly intimate Broadway experience, consider this small-group tour. It includes a unique visit to an active rehearsal studio, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations and detailed work that goes into Broadway productions. Starting in Times Square, this tour is your ticket to discovering the unseen aspects of Broadway.

Broadway Musical Theater Walking Tour

Join a walking tour that takes you through the heart of Broadway, offering insights into the illustrious history of musical theater in New York City. Led by an industry insider, this tour not only educates but also entertains, as you explore famous landmarks and hear tales of legendary performers and productions.

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What to Expect at The Museum of Broadway

Visiting the Museum of Broadway is like stepping into a living storybook of theater history, art, and technology. Designed by a team of renowned artists and historians, the museum offers a series of immersive exhibits that illustrate the evolution of Broadway.

Map Room

Begin your museum journey in the Map Room, where the geographic and historical shifts of Broadway are displayed. This room provides a comprehensive overview of current Broadway shows and offers a glimpse into the iconic theaters that have hosted countless performances over the years.

The Timeline

Walk through The Timeline to experience a chronological exploration of Broadway’s significant milestones. This interactive exhibit features important musicals, influential figures, and key events that have shaped the Broadway we know today.

The Making of A Broadway Show

In the exhibit titled The Making of A Broadway Show, visitors gain an insider’s view of the extensive creativity and hard work involved in bringing a Broadway production to life. From stage management to costume design, this section of the museum highlights the collaborative efforts that create the magic of live theater.

Make the Most of Your Visit to The Museum of Broadway

Visiting the Museum of Broadway is an unforgettable experience, teeming with rich theatrical history and interactive exhibits. To maximize your enjoyment, consider these tips tailored for a seamless and engaging museum visit.

  • Visit Duration: Expect to spend about 1 to 3 hours exploring. The time varies depending on how much you delve into each exhibit.
  • Family Friendly: Visitors of all ages are welcome! Kids aged 4 and under enter free. Remember, strollers must be checked at the entrance, and children 12 and under should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Photography: Not only can you take photos, but it’s also encouraged! Capture your memories as you wander through the exhibits.
  • Tour Flow: The museum tour is self-guided and follows a one-way path to ensure a smooth flow, meaning revisiting previous rooms isn’t possible. Brand Ambassadors are on hand to assist with directions, answer questions, and even help take photos.


The Museum of Broadway is dedicated to ensuring that all guests have a comfortable and accessible experience.

Facilities are well-equipped with elevators and ADA-compliant restrooms across all floors. Please note, however, that the museum does not offer wheelchair rentals at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Museum of Broadway is open daily from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, except on Wednesdays and select Mondays and Tuesdays when it closes at 2:30 PM.

We highly recommend buying them online to ensure availability and to avoid long lines.

Backpacks and large bags must be checked at the entrance to ensure the comfort and safety of all visitors.

The museum experience is primarily self-guided to allow visitors to explore at their own pace. However, Brand Ambassadors are available throughout to provide information and assistance.

Visiting early in the morning or later in the afternoon tends to be less crowded. Weekdays are also generally quieter than weekends.

Yes, photography is encouraged within the museum, so feel free to bring your camera and capture your visit!

While the museum does not have its own dining facilities, it is located near a wide variety of restaurants and cafes in the Times Square area.

The closest subway stations are 42nd Street-Times Square and 50th Street on Broadway, which are serviced by multiple lines.

Public parking is available near the museum, although spaces can be limited. Consider using public transport or parking apps to find spots in advance.

Strollers are welcome but must be checked at the entrance due to space constraints within the exhibits.

Yes, service animals are permitted to accompany their owners throughout the museum.

The museum is fully accessible, featuring elevators and ADA-compliant restrooms on every floor.

Lost items are handled by the museum’s security office. Visitors are encouraged to report any lost items as soon as possible to facilitate recovery.

Where to Stay Near The Museum of Broadway

Staying near the Museum of Broadway offers more than just convenience; it immerses you in the heart of New York's entertainment district. Hotels in this area not only provide easy access to the museum but also place you steps away from iconic attractions like Times Square and countless theaters. This vibrant location is ideal for those who wish to experience the pulsating heart of the city after the sun sets, with plentiful dining and nightlife options.

If you prefer a quieter, more residential atmosphere while still being close to cultural sites, consider accommodations in neighborhoods like Chelsea or the Upper West Side. These areas offer a more relaxed vibe but are still within easy access of the museum via public transport.

Other Interesting Museums in New York City

New York City is a hub for diverse cultural experiences, hosting an array of museums that cater to different interests. Here’s a look at some other notable museums that are worth a visit.

Ice Cream Museum

Dive into the delightful world of ice cream at this fun and flavorful museum. With interactive exhibits and, of course, tastings, it’s a sweet treat for all ages.

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Engage in the intriguing world of espionage at Spyscape. This museum offers interactive experiences that test your spy skills and challenge your perceptions of the intelligence world.

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Known for its captivating photographic exhibitions, Fotografiska New York brings a fresh perspective to contemporary photography, housed in a stunningly restored historic building.

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Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

MoMA houses an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, from innovative European paintings to works by today’s emerging artists.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)

Explore over 5,000 years of art from around the world at The Met, one of the largest and most comprehensive art museums in the world.

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Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Get up close with lifelike wax figures of your favorite celebrities and historical figures in interactive settings. A fun experience for all ages.

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Explore More Nearby Attractions

The Museum of Broadway’s prime location in the heart of New York City’s bustling Times Square area makes it a perfect starting point for exploring a wide range of other attractions. Just steps away from some of the city’s most iconic sights and experiences, visitors can easily transition from the theatrical delights of the museum to the broader cultural, historical, and entertainment offerings of Manhattan. Whether you’re interested in panoramic views, artistic treasures, or historical tours, you’re perfectly positioned to dive into the rich experiences that New York City has to offer.


RiseNY offers a unique aerial tour of New York City’s skyline, combined with a multimedia history of the city.

Perfect for those who want to gain a new perspective on the Big Apple, the experience culminates in a thrilling simulated flight ride that showcases NYC’s most iconic landmarks.

Madame Tussauds

Step into the world of celebrity at Madame Tussauds New York, where you can pose with wax figures of world-famous personalities.

From historical figures to contemporary stars, this interactive museum offers a fun and memorable way to engage with the likenesses of those who shape our world.

Madame Tussauds NYC
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Experience the heart of American theater with a visit to Broadway. See where world-renowned shows come to life and maybe catch a performance.

Walking the same streets as theater legends is a must-do for any visitor to New York.

Top of the Rock Observatory

Offering some of the best views in New York City, Top of the Rock provides panoramic vistas of Central Park, the Empire State Building, and beyond.

It’s a must-visit for photographers and sightseers alike, looking to capture the essence of the city from above.

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Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is not just an entertainment and shopping hub; it’s also a piece of living history that offers year-round attractions.

Seasonal activities include the famous Christmas Tree and ice skating in winter, making it a versatile destination that appeals to all.

Radio City Music Hall

Known as the “Showplace of the Nation,” Radio City Music Hall is one of America’s most celebrated venues.

Tour the art deco masterpieces, and if you’re lucky, catch a performance of the Rockettes or another spectacular show.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

MoMA is a sanctuary of modern and contemporary art, featuring works from Van Gogh to Warhol.

It’s an essential visit for art lovers, offering a profound look at the art movements that have shaped the visual world of today.

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