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Stamford Bridge Stadium

Visit Stamford Bridge Stadium, the home of Chelsea FC for over a century.

Stamford Bridge is a football stadium in London. Despite its location (technically in the Fulham district, not in Chelsea), Stamford Bridge has been home to Chelsea FC, one of the Premier League English football clubs, since its formation in 1905.

Although the name of the venue is the same as that of a 1066 battle in Yorkshire, Stamford Bridge Stadium is not actually named after any historical events. Rather, it is named after the local landmarks and area. Specifically, the Sanford Bridge and Stanford Creek, whose names all evolved into the modern “Stamford Bridge”.

With a capacity of just over 40,300 seats, the venue is not among the biggest in the country. It is, however, famous for being one of the oldest football grounds in the country, opening as early as 1877.

Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge Stadium
If you want to see a live match at Stamford Bridge we suggest you book your tickets well in advance, as they tend to be hard to come by the closer you get to the event.

At the time, it was used by the London Athletic Club, a track and field club. Since then, it has undergone several renovations and hosted numerous events, both football related and non. Among them, there have been cricket, rugby, baseball, and American football matches, as well as greyhound racing events.

Stamford Bridge stadium is today owned by the Chelsea Pitch Owners, a nonprofit that is part of Chelsea Football Club.


Fulham Road, Fulham, London SW6 1HS

Stamford Bridge Stadium is located at the eastern edge of the Fulham district, right next to Chelsea, in London.

Being a bit further off the city centre than other sights, you won’t find any well-known attractions in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. The closest tourist area to Stamford Bridge is South Kensington (northeast of the stadium), where you’ll find the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the Royal Albert Hall.


There are different types of tickets you can get at Stamford Bridge: event tickets (for matches, concerts, or other programmed events) or stadium tour tickets.

Prices for event tickets vary greatly depending on the type of event (Premier League, Champions League, etc.), seat position, and how early you get your ticket. You can consult all ticket prices on the Stamford Bridge website .

As for the Stamford Bridge Stadium tours, there actually are quite a few available. They are the Stadium Tour & Museum (the most popular one), the Classic Tour & Museum (an extended tour), the Legends Tour & Museum, the VIP Private Tour & Museum, and the Matchday Tour.

A full-priced ticket for a Stadium Tour & Museum is £28.00, but concessions are available for visitors aged over 65, students (both £20.00), and young visitors (£18.00). Children under 5 and carers enter for free.

Adult Students, seniors (65+) Young visitors (5-16) Children (0-4), carers
£28.00 £20.00 £18.00 free


Stamford Stadium is open every day of the week year-round. Operational times vary depending on the activity. Events (matches, concerts, or other events) are scheduled months ahead and usually take place in the evening. You can consult all programmed events on the Stamford Bridge website .

As for stadium tours and museum visits, opening times follow a regular schedule. Tours are available from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. In the summer months (July and August), both the tours have an extra hour of activity in the afternoon, meaning they remain available until 4:00.

Normally, Stadium Tours depart every 20 minutes but at particularly busy periods more tours are usually added. However, remember that Stamford Bridge is a working building so all tours are subject to alteration and cancellation if need arises.

Season Opening time Closing time
Sept-June 10:00 am 3:00 pm
Jul-Aug 09:30 am 4:00 pm

The Stadium Museum stays open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Much like the tours, in the summer months the Museum stays open for an additional hour, until 6:00 pm.

Season Opening time Last admissions Closing time
Sept-June 09:30 am 4:30 pm 5:00 pm
Jul-Aug 09:30 am 5:30 pm 6:00 pm


There are several ways you can reach Stamford Bridge Stadium. If you are taking the Underground, you can get off at Fulham Broadway (District line), which is just 3 minutes from the Stadium’s entrance.

As for buses, lines 14, 211, and 414 will leave you right outside the stadium. If none of these lines is convenient for you, you could also take lines 11, 28, 295, 306, 328, 424, or C3. You’ll just have to walk a little longer down the street to reach Stamford Bridge.

Method Underground Bus
Lines District 11, 14, 28, 211, 295, 306, 328, 414, 424, C3
Stops Fulham Broadway -

If you wanted to, you could take a cab, but keep in mind that London fares are normally expensive, even in good traffic conditions. A cab drive from Central London to Stamford Bridge should take about 20-30 minutes.

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