Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is the UK’s only Lego-themed park, perfect for a family trip with young children.

Legoland Windsor (also known as Legoland Windsor Resort) is a Lego-themed park just outside of London. The attractions at Legoland Windsor are all Lego-themed and include around 50 rides, a 4D theatre, workshops, and plenty of miniature monuments and models depicting famous European landmarks, especially British ones.

The park is split into themed areas, each with their own attractions, shops, and restaurants. Among the rides you’ll find a mix of ferris wheels, carousels, playgrounds, racetracks, roller coasters, several water rides, and free fall towers.

The majority of these rides in Legoland Windsor are designed for kids aged 4 to 12. Kids aged 2 to 3 will still enjoy themselves, although they might not be able to get on some of the rides due to not meeting the height requirement (90 cm or 3 feet).

Legoland Windsor miniature London
At Legoland Windsor you’ll see several miniature city models, including one of Central London.

In terms of visit length, a full day is enough for the great majority of visitors, although some decide to visit the park for two consecutive days and stay at the Legoland Resort Hotel or at the Legoland Castle Hotel for a night. In any case, we recommend going early in the morning (the park opens at 10:00 am) to be able to make the most of your day.


Winkfield Road, Windsor SL4 4AY, Berkshire

Legoland Windsor is located in Windsor, just west of the Greater London area. As you might have guessed from the name, the park is not far from Windsor Castle, which is located just northwest of Legoland. Just 11 miles east of the park is also the closest airport, Heathrow International.


Tickets for Legoland Windsor are available to buy online on the Legoland website (recommended option) or in person. However, keep in mind that on busy days, tickets might be completely sold-out, so if you plan on getting your ticket in person we recommend you check the website in advance .

As for prices, day tickets bought in person are always £66.00. Children up to 90 cm (under 3 feet) in height enter for free. If, instead, you buy your entries online, you can save up quite a bit. Online prices fluctuate depending on availability, but they go from £34.00 to £43.00 per person.

Legoland Windsor London Bridge miniature
The miniatures in Legoland Windsor are extremely detailed, making them a favourite among visitors of all ages.

If you want to visit Legoland for more than one day, you can get an annual pass instead of a day ticket. There are three kinds of passes with different restrictions, but remember that they normally exclude at least some weekends in the year. The first type is the general Annual Pass (£49.00), valid only for weekdays and non-holiday periods. Alternatively, you can get a Silver Annual Pass for £69.00 (which has fewer exclusion dates) or a Gold Annual Pass for £99.00 (even fewer exclusion dates plus free parking).

Online booking
Annual Pass
Silver Annual Pass
Gold Annual Pass
Type Adults Children (up to 90 cm)
Online booking £34.00 - £43.00 free
On-site £66.00 free
Annual Pass £49.00 n/a
Silver Annual Pass £69.00 n/a
Gold Annual Pass £99.00 n/a

Remember that Legoland Windsor is normally included in the 2FOR1 offers, which give you two entries at the price of one (on-site tickets only). Some dates might be excluded from the offer, so we suggest you check the details on the Days Out website .

Opening Times

Like some other privately-owned theme parks, Legoland Windsor doesn’t have a regular operating schedule. While the park always opens at 10:00 am, closing time can be at 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm, or 6:00 pm. There is no discernible pattern as to the different closing times, so if you want to be sure, we suggest you have a look at the official schedule on the Legoland Windsor website .

As for closing days, these don’t follow a regular schedule either. The park is normally open from Monday to Sunday, but during some months (generally in winter), the park is only open at the weekends. Occasionally Legoland Windsor will be closed for a day mid-week.

Legoland Resort and Legoland Castle Hotel guests can enjoy the early park opening from 9:30 am.

Day Opening time Closing time
Mon-Sun 10:00 am Between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm


Unfortunately, Legoland Windsor is a bit outside the city, so it isn’t as easy to reach as other famous sites. If you have a car, you can easily drive here from Central London (about 1 hour) or from Heathrow Airport (20 minutes).

If you are relying on other forms of transport, you can take the train or a coach. There are no Tube lines connecting London to Legoland Windsor.

Legoland miniature bus
The Legoland shuttle bus service connects the park with the nearest train stations.

In terms of trains, you’ll have two options: arrive at Windsor & Eton Central (with Great Western Railway) or at Windsor & Eton Riverside (South Western Railway). The two stations are very close and there is a shuttle bus service connecting both of them to the park, so you can simply choose whichever line works best for you.

As for coach services, there are two Green Line coaches to Legoland Windsor. If you are in London, you should take line 702 from London Victoria. If you are arriving directly from Heathrow Airport, you can take line 703.

Method Train Green Line Bus
Lines Great Western Railway, South Western Railway 702, 703
Stops Windsor & Eton Central, Windsor & Eton Riverside -

Although it is possible to reach Legoland Windsor from London by taxi, it is advised against. Cab fares are generally high in London, and even more so to travel somewhere outside the Greater London area. A journey from Central London to Legoland would take at least one hour and cost upwards of £100.00.

Nearby sites

Windsor Castle - 4 km (2.5 miles) northeast, 10 minutes by car.

Heathrow Airport - 17 km (11 miles) east, 20 minutes by car.

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