Catedral de Valencia
The Cathedral, Miguelete, and Holy Chalice

Brief history

The Cathedral, like many other buildings in the city, evolved and was repurposed, rebuilt, and renovated throughout history, according to the norms and architectural trends of the time.

  • 5th century - 718Visigothic cathedralOn the site, the Visigoths - a Germanic population that invaded the Iberian peninsula at the time - constructed a primitive cathedral.
  • 718 - 1238MosqueThe site was then transformed into the Great Mosque of Valencia under Moorish rule. It is not clear when this transformation began.
  • 1238Consecration of the siteJames I the Conqueror, immediately after entering the city he had just taken from the Moors, went to the Great Mosque. The site was purified and consecrated as the new Cathedral.The building itself remained that of the Great Mosque, which was used as a Christian church until the present cathedral was built.
  • 1238 - 1262Puerta del Palau The Romanesque entrance was opened on the qibla wall (the wall that indicated the direction of prayer in the old mosque). This happened either between 1238 and 1262, before construction actually began on the site, or around 1270.
  • 1262Beginning of construction The Great Mosque was demolished and works to build the new Cathedral on the same site began. The date is certain because of the incision on the foundation stone, located at the head of the Cathedral.
  • 1300Puerta de los Apóstoles The Gothic entrance was built probably around 1300.
  • 14th - 15th century Lantern tower and Miguelete The octagonal tower was built in two parts. The first, the lower body, is from the 14th century. The second, the upper body, was built around 1430.The belltower, called Miguelete, was built between 1381 and 1429.
  • 1437Holy ChaliceThe Holy Chalice was brought to the Cathedral.
  • 1674-1741Baroque additionsMany elements of the Cathedral were modified or added in Baroque style, in keeping with the trends of the time. This includes the Puerta de los Hierros, built on the site of a previous, smaller entrance.
  • Second half of 18th centuryNeoclassical reformThe Cathedral was covered with decorations in Neoclassical style, many of which were later removed.
  • 1931National MonumentsThe Cathedral and Miguelete were elected National Historic-Artistic Monuments.