Mascleta Valencia

Our tips and insights

  • Always make sure you keep a safe distance from the set off-site. An exploding firecracker, no matter how small, can cause serious burns if you’re too close to it.
  • Before choosing your spot to watch the Mascletà, check the direction of the wind. You don’t want the smoke to be blowing in your face.
  • If you want to see a Mascletà in real life but you want to avoid the more deafening sounds, you can go by the fountain in Plaza del Ayuntamiento . That’s the place where the Mascletà generally starts - remember it starts low to build up in volume. This way, when the display is at its maximum volume, you will be far away from the explosions.
  • If instead, you don’t mind the noise and want to be at the loudest spot, you should go to the end of Plaza del Ayuntamiento where the Correosbuilding is. That is where the Mascletà usually ends, and as you know, the last part of the display is the loudest.
  • If you want a view of the whole event, the best spot is surely a balcony in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Luckily, a lot of them are up for rent to see the Mascletà.
  • Whatever your chosen spot, try to get there early because a crowd start forming as early as 1:30 pm. The closer 2:00 pm gets, the harder it is to move from one place to the other due to the large crowd.
  • During the weekend, the crowd is even bigger, so be warned.
  • If the noise gets too much for you, open your mouth a little! This is a Valencian trick to make the noise riverberate less in your head.
  • The closer you are to the explosions, the more likely it is that by the end of the display you’ll be covered in coloured paper scraps from the firecracker paper shells.
  • If you think that the Mascletà in Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a bit much for you, you can try the smaller Mascletàs in the different Fallas committees. There are fewer people, they are easier to see, and way less loud. Also, they are generally timed so that you can see more than one Mascletà by moving across different neighbourhoods.

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