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Tickets and schedule

Tickets and passes

For suburban trips

Ticket prices for regional train travel vary depending on the distance traveled. You can check updated prices for any destination on the Trenitalia website .

All Trenitalia tickets can be purchased at ticket counters, ticket machines in any of the stations, or online through the Trenitalia app or website .

For urban trips

Trenitalia offers a special ticket for trips across the urban areas with regional lines. It’s very useful for quick trips in zones that are not covered by the metro (e.g. between the stations Trastevere, Ostiense, Tiburtina, and San Pietro).

The special ticket for urban areas costs €1.00 and is valid for 90 minutes, but doesn’t enable transfers to the metro or other forms of public transportation. It can be purchased at the Trenitalia points of sale that are listed above.

Rome’s public transportation tickets and passes can also be used for urban routes using regional lines, with no transfer limitations. They can be purchased at tobacco shops, kiosks, and ticket machines in metro stations. For more information, see our guide on tickets and passes for public transportation in Rome.

Urban border of Rome

As a general rule, the urban route of the regional trains includes all stations within the circular road (Grande Raccordo Anulare) that surrounds Rome, although there are some exceptions.

The last station of the urban area of each line can be easily identified on any map as it’s marked in red and it’s the last one within the dark-gray area.

You can also see the last urban station of every line in the following table:

Urban area end station
Maximum cost*
Line FL1 FL2 FL3 FL4 FL4 FL4 FL5 FL6 FL7 FL8
Route Fiumicino - Orte Tiburtina - Tivoli Ostiense - Viterbo Termini - Velletri Termini - Albano Laziale Termini - Frascati Termini - Civitavecchia Termini - Cassino Termini - Minturno - Scauri Termini - Nettuno
Urban area end station Fiera di Roma / Settebagni Lunghezza Cesano Capannelle Capannelle Capannelle Roma Aurelia Capannelle Torricola Torricola
Maximum cost* €11.00 €3.00 €5.60 €3.00 €2.10 €2.10 €4.60 €8.40 €8.40 €3.60

*Shows the maximum cost to travel from the first to the last station.

Ticket validation

Regional train stations do not have access controls. Trenitalia tickets (except those purchased online) must always be validated at the green machines located in the station, before boarding the trains.

If you have previously validated a public transportation ticket or pass (from ATAC), you don’t need to validate it again. You just need to carry it with you until the end of the trip.

Ticket controls on Trenitalia lines are frequent and the fine for traveling without a valid ticket is quite high.


Timetables for each trip can be consulted directly on the Trenitalia website .

Please, note that the prefix “FL” and line numbers are only used on maps, information brochures, and signs inside some stations. When consulting timetables online, all trains are referred to as “Regionale”.

It’s recommended to check the timetables before arriving at the station to avoid unnecessary waits (some lines have frequencies of up to 60 minutes).

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Tickets and schedule