Vittoriano - Roma

Useful tips

  • Remember that a visit to the Vittoriano is often included in a broader tour that includes possible exhibitions in the surrounding area of Piazza Venezia.
  • We recommend visiting the monument early in the morning so that you can use the lift service to the panoramic terrace. Concerning this, it is also advisable to avoid weekends, so as not to get stuck in a long queue in front of the lifts.
  • If you are interested in visiting other museums or attractions in the city, you can buy a city card and save on entrance fees.
  • If you are traveling by car, we recommend that you take a look at the nearby car parks in advance and reserve a parking space if necessary.
  • Compared to the time needed for a satisfactory visit of the whole square, we recommend half a day.
  • Concerning the time of the visit to the monument alone, we believe that if you wish to include the panoramic terrace, it should last no less than one hour.
  • It is useful to know that there is a special entrance for people with disabilities. It is located on the right-hand side of the monument, near the service lift leading to the middle terrace.
  • The other entrances to the Vittoriano are: Piazza Venezia (main entrance to the monument); left side entrance (Via di San Pietro in Carcere); right side entrance Via del Teatro di Marcello (Aracoeli side).

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