Cragreen’s electric car parked
Useful apps and tools to move around in Valencia

Car-sharing apps

Your final option in terms of private transport is electric, two-seat cars. This will allow you (and your passenger) to move more comfortably, but just as easily as you would with a scooter.

To help you navigate the city and its streets, you’ll also need a reliable navigation service.


Cargreen is a popular car-sharing app that works very similarly to scooter sharing apps. Once you have signed up and uploaded your documentation, you will be able to book a car from those available around you at the moment.

Cargreen being used to find electric cars in Valencia
On Cargreen too you’ll see a designated area and the available cars within it.

Just like with a scooter, you will be able to drive and park within a designated area that includes the city centre and its surroundings. The app works on a pay-as-you-go basis, with a set cost per minute.

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If you want to find out more about this car-sharing service, you can have a look at our article about Cargreen.


Waze is a satellite navigation app, ideal if you decide to use Cargreen during your stay. It provides live-updated navigation and route planning based on the current traffic.

Waze being used to navigate through Valencia
Waze is a good app to use for live-updated traffic info and navigation.

Thanks to the app’s crowdsourced info, you’ll know the best route to your destination at any given moment, the exact traffic conditions and even where the police are stationed along your route. All you need to use it is a device with GPS support.

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Car-sharing apps