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Useful tools and apps for public transportation in Rome

There are various helpful tools for planning journeys and paying for trips by public transportation in Rome. In some cases, you can also use them to pay for your journey. All you need is a smartphone or alternative device with an internet connection.

Rome has a good public transportation network. However, it’s not always easy for visitors to figure out which type of ticket is best to buy or which transportation method is most efficient to reach their destination.

The tools and apps in this article offer a simple solution to these problems. They allow you to plan your trips, check the routes of different lines, buy tickets or passes, and even see how long it will take for the next bus or tram to arrive.

If you don’t have internet access during your trip, you can purchase tickets at official points of sale and plan your itineraries the traditional way.

Available tools and apps

To help you decide which tool to use, we’ve listed them all. You can find detailed information about each option below.

Mobile version*
Web version**
ToolMoovitGoogle MapsRoma MobilitàMuoversi a RomaViaggia con ATACTap&GoB+ apps
PurposeRoute planning for public transportation.Detailed maps and route planning for public transportation.Route planning and waiting time indications for buses and trams.Route planning, line information, and up-to-date waiting times for buses and trams.Route planning and information on public transportation lines.Provides information on payments with the Tap&Go system for public transportation.Tickets and passes can be purchased directly from your smartphone.
Mobile version*
Web version**
DetailsSee detailsSee detailsSee detailsSee detailsSee detailsSee detailsSee details

*Refers to the availability of mobile apps that can be installed via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

**Refers to the availability of apps that can only be accessed through a web browser. They usually run smoothly on computers, but through a mobile browser, the functionality can be limited.


Our recommendations

If we had to choose only one app to plan our trips in Rome, we would opt for Moovit. It’s perfect for planning routes with real-time information on the entire public transportation system in Rome.

For ticket payment, we recommend the new and simple Tap&Go system. It allows you to directly pay for your rides using your bank card, without having to buy a ticket in advance.

Moovit (mobile and web)

This app provides information about public transportation routes in Rome and other cities worldwide. Besides, it’s the only one recommended by the local transportation authority (ATAC).

When it comes to buses and trams, the app can provide real-time information (based on GPS data) on vehicle arrivals at any stop. For the subway, it provides estimated arrival times of the next metro trains.

Moovit is ideal for planning trips using any type of public transportation, including regional lines operated by Trenitalia. It can be used directly in web browsers, without the need to download the app. However, it is recommended to install it anyway for a significantly better user experience.

Download the Moovit app for iPhone

Download the Moovit app for Android

Access the web version of Moovit

Google Maps (mobile and web)

This popular tool provides detailed information on route planning and points of interest. Google Maps is very user-friendly and provides real-time updates on all public transportation lines, including Trenitalia’s regional trains.

Just like Moovit, Google Maps offers multiple routes to reach your destination. In addition, it provides information about the arrival time of vehicles through the “Schedule Explorer” option.

In general, Moovit is the most recommended for planning routes by public transportation in Rome, simply because it was designed for this purpose. Google Maps, on the other hand, lacks some important functionalities that Moovit does have.

Google Maps is preinstalled on most Android smartphones. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free or use the web version (with limited functionality).

Download de Google Maps app voor iPhone

Download de Google Maps app voor Android

Ga naar de webversie van Google Maps

Roma Mobilità (mobile)

This is a tool specifically designed to plan routes and view waiting times at bus and tram stops in Rome. Please, be aware that it doesn’t contain information about the metro and is only available in Italian. However, the interface is very intuitive, so you can still use it without any problems.

Unfortunately, the Roma Mobilità app is not available for smartphones in some countries. If you can’t install the app, it’s best to opt for Moovit or the web version of Muoversi a Roma (which has similar features and doesn’t require installation).

Download the Roma Mobilità app for iPhone

Download the Roma Mobilità app for Android

Muoversi a Roma (web)

This app works similarly to the Roma Mobilità app but is designed for use on laptops and desktops (it doesn’t work on smartphones). The app is useful for acquiring information about tram and bus lines, and for checking waiting times at stops.

The web app Muoversi a Roma allows you to view the route of each line on a map and see the current location of buses and trams. It also offers the possibility to calculate routes but that function often works poorly. For this, you are better off using Moovit or Google Maps.

Bear in mind that it doesn’t give information about the metro and is only available in Italian.

Access the web app Muoversi a Roma

Viaggia con ATAC (web)

This tool was developed by ATAC to easily plan routes and provide information on stops, stations, and public transportation lines in Rome.

Unfortunately, its performance is quite poor and therefore we don’t recommend it. It uses outdated technologies, doesn’t run smoothly on mobile devices, and is often buggy, which makes it an unreliable tool.

We’ve included the tool in this article because it’s an official service of the transportation authority of Rome.

Access the tool Viaggia con ATAC

Tap&Go (mobile)

Rome’s transportation authority (ATAC) has implemented an innovative system to directly pay for public transportation trips with a bank card, without the need to purchase tickets in advance.

This option is very convenient for short-stay visitors who will make occasional trips by public transportation.

With the Tap&Go system, you automatically pay the lowest fare, depending on the number of rides you make on a day. This way, you don’t have to worry about which ticket or pass to buy.

All you need is a bank card that allows contactless payment. If you want to check the number of journeys made and those already paid for, ATAC offers you the Tap&Go app.

For more information, see our guide on the Tap&Go system.

Download the Tap&Go app for Android

B+ apps (mobile)

The ATAC has allowed several private companies to sell tickets and passes for public transportation through the so-called B+ apps.

At first glance, it seems like a great solution, but it’s not the best option for short-stay visitors in Rome. None of the apps are available in English and they don’t offer a major advantage compared to the convenient Tap&Go system. However, the B+ apps may be useful for those who want to buy their tickets before arriving in Rome.

For more information, check out our guide on B+ apps.